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CCBJD California BJD convention May 2012

Jan 5, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Official Web site and forum http://www.ccbjd.org


      This May the second annual CCBJD will be held this spring!

      Date:Friday May 11th and Saturday May 12th

      TimeFriday Arrival /Pre- Registration time 4:00 PM Dinner starts at 5:00PM till 8:30

      Location:Deer Park Villa 367 Bolinas Road Fairfax, CA 94930-1999 (415) 456-8084


      VendorONLY Set up times SATURDAY 8:00 AM to 9;15

      DOORS OPEN for Attendees on Saturday at 9:30 AM till 4;00 PM

      We are looking for Vendors , Donations and people willing to do Demos. Please note this years CCBJD will be in Northern California. Not the central valley. I apologize.:(

      For Ride , Room or both SHARE See our new page


      There is a discussion thread I opened herehttp://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?494152-CCBJD-California-BJD-convention-May-2012-Disscussion&p=8647352#post8647352

      Our First Vendors for 2012










      Please see this

      link for additional donors! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Disscussion&p=8887549&viewfull=1#post8887549






      Q: Why is it called "central" ? The first event took place in Central Valley of California but now we can change it to California Coast BJD Convention since we moved.

      Why isn't my companies banner here? Just a Link?
      A: There is a 13 image limit on on images per post ;( But your banner and link to your site shows up on the official CCBJD 2012 page here
      http://www.ccbjd.org/vendor12.html or on the donation page http://www.ccbjd.org/donations.html
    2. Where is the convention located?
    3. Feb 1st 2012

      Venue and Hotel where we blocked some rooms are now up! CCBJD will be held at the picturesque DEER PARK Villa in Fairfax Ca. 20 min North of the Golden Gate. Fairfax and the surrounding town are lovely towns to eat and shop in plus plenty of things to do from Sausalito or nearby San Francisco.

      Our Block of rooms for a discounted rate is Corte Madera Best western Inn and includes A breakfast basket delivered to your room!

      Vendor Packages and Attendee Packages are also up . We have a alternative motel list as well.
    4. Announcements (6):

      New Sponsors for CCBJD

      In addition we have some awesome new Sponsors with more on the way ( just waiting for banners). Sponsors who were generous enough to donate dolls as prizes and some beautiful heads for give aways! Little Monica , http://www.littlemonica.com a Korean BJD maker that makes tiny size bjds and 60cm bjds have shared some of their resin goodness with a few fortunate Attendees of CCBJD 2012.

      Also A U.S Artist company, http://www.charmcitydoll.com/Pages/default.aspx ,Charm City Dolls has generously donated an adorable tiny full set. A true labor of love, you can also see her new prototype for " Aster" a new tiny creation.

      Another company which many here on DOA are familiar with that has Sponsored a beautiful FOC Goldie, BJD is Peakswoods If you haven't take a look at their other beautiful dolls in person now is your chance.

      Another returning Donor from last event is Mint on Card Last event they were responsible for donating BJD size t-shirts for everyone in the gift bags as well as bookmarks! This year they are donating a handsome Eva head and Feet"

      Another returning Donor is Wendy Bailey from Resin Life BJD BookShe has generously donated books for CCBJD this year. Let us thank all our Donors and supporters!


      There is still time to become a Sponsor, Donor or Vendor. Contact me for additional details.

      Gift Bags

      We are running low on Gift bags so if you are interested in receiving one please make sure to sign up soon before they run out. Also there are only a few spots left for Vendors so if you are interested please make sure to reserve your spot.

      Day of Ticket Sales

      Some of you have asked about 'Day of Ticket' sales. We are discouraging this at this time because you would still be paying full price but a food plate would not be guaranteed since the event is catered and we turn in a headcount two weeks before the event actually happens. Also depending on the number of people who sign up we may have to turn away some people due to fire code restrictions so sign up early.


      We are always open to review people who would like to be apart of the panels. Send us an email with your name and reference work ( photos or website) and we will get back to you right away.


      We are in need of a photographer. Unfortunately our Photographer has had a personal issue turn up and will not be able to attend. If you are interested please send us an email with you DOA user name , website and or experience.
      You don't have to be a "professional" but you should have something for us to reference.
      Be dependable.
      Know how to take direction and work on your own.
      Be ready to take pictures of Contest winners, Random photos of crowd and Displays.
      Be able to upload photos to a server within a week of convention end.

      What you get for helping us
      Since we do not make any profit we cannot pay you but we will waive your admission Fee which includes meals and giftbag

      Even if you are only able to attend one day we can possible open this spot for two different photographers on


      As the date approaches I will be asking in the regular discussion link what people would like for dinner/lunch. You can email or pm your answer if you have not given it to me already.
    5. Annoucements:

      We only have OUT OF GIFT BAGS as of 4-4 left for those of you who want one please sign up today. After that we will still have bags for all attendees that contain doll company information, book markers,catalogs business cards etc just not little gifts.

      Also a FAQ I am getting about admission: Are you going to lower admission as the date draws nearer?

      A: No sad to say we cant that is the lowest price point we can take it since admission includes a meal and we do not make any money off the food that is part of the venue admission.

      I also added one more Sponsor and one more Donator from DOA. Please see end of list for new ones!

      We also still have room for people at the dinner on Friday!

      ***There will also be a very important announcement made Friday during the convention dinner regarding the future of CCBJD***

      Several Artists are donating their time,talent and products to CCBJD 2012 Sorry for the oversized images css is giving me a hard time with resizing.Please take a peek at these talented members of the community.




      "Flight of Icarus"


      Salon De Coco

      DOA user donated one of her awesomely cute DOLL carriers for some fortunate attendee!
    6. http://www.facebook.com/BlackKissBJD?ref=ts

      Will be giving a Face up tutorial during then convention on Saturday, please PM me if you would like to sign up for it. Seats are limited.

      Also we are in need of stringing skills and or blushing skills if you are interested PM me please !

      Thank you
    7. Lots of new announcements

      There are still some spots open for Friday's dinner but that will close this Thursday. So if you wish to meet with everyone on Friday please sign up before Thursday. I am taking that option down from the web Thursday.

      If you wish to attend Saturday only and NOT eat Admission is only 10$ but you must still pay ONLINE or with check or money order .

      There are no at the door Payment accepted .

      Fridays door prize came in and she is a beauty She is a Limited Edition Full Set
      Lilac Look at her here

      Also Saturdays door prize is Little Monica's standard Miyo he comes with no face up


      *There is also a stringing demo added to the schedule by a really super gal *
    8. If you do not receive a confirmation from me , Please check your Spam folder.

      Also For Saturday please bring a pen if you have one. I purchased pens but that may not be enough for some of the activities.

      Southern California People, Central Valley People and Sacramento area people and out of State people who have not signed up yet may email me for FREE Admission. This would just be General Admission!No meals no bags but you must still sign up through me

      Also the restaurant will be open for any of those who wish to eat and order something else on Saturday. The bar will also be open for those over 21. The way the bar and eatery are set up is kind of cool you can order your food and still hang out out in the patio area with everyone.

      Friday's dinner had been changed to the front banquet room. Go through main doors and Its the first door on the right.Bathrooms are to the left of the main entrance.

      The venue has a pond in the front with a little bridge, please do not place dolls on the bridge. You may take photos of your dolls near it but just not on it.

      Dinner cards will be handed out at sign up . Those who emailed me at sign up with those choices will get their choice first others who never let me know will have either chicken breast or Sirloin of Beef.
      Sirloin of Beef with Mushrooms
      ( or Chicken breast )
      Red potatoes
      Cesar salad
      another side I forget

      tea ,coffee,water

      Sundaes and cupcakes

      EDIT: 5-9

      Unfortunately Victoria Winters Dolls will not be vending at this event but she will be in Attendance and I am sure she will be willing to talk shop with you .

      Fortunately we did have a vendor sign up to take her place who also sculpts her own dolls BJDs.

      http://www.callanderdolls.com/site_size/Joanne_Callander_Dolls.html She is a local sculptress and I myself am smitten with her "Lovely Lady" BJD She works in many mediums but casts in both Resin and porcelain.

      I am very excited about seeing her work in person and she does offer Layaway.

      DOA User SF Hope http://www.denofangels.com/forums/member.php?887-sfhope

      has generally donated a ton of wigs and eyes and clothes to our convention. These goods are in great condition. I am sure I speak for everyone that will benefit from your kindess when I say thank you for supporting our con!