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CCC's 1st Anniversary - September 2009

Aug 27, 2009

    1. [​IMG]
      Models: CCC's BuBu Odoroki (14 cm), Yuki & MoMo Bouhatei (14 cm) and Fidelia The Firefly Faerie (12 cm - GID BJD) - Face-ups & photo by Miriam Bos / Sweetly Twisted

      :smallcake September 2009 - CCC’s 1st Annivesary :smallcake

      Dear DoA, hi Everyone!

      We have lots of exciting and some very special news to share with you. Coming September CCC will have the first Anniversary, and we’d like to celebrate with you, our dear fans and customers! Thank you so very much for your warm support and for loving Charles’ creations over the last year. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate at all. That is why we decided September has to be filled with surprises, festive and exclusive releases! A celebration means gifts for our valued customers, so throughout the whole month September each customer that purchases one of our ball jointed dolls will get a special surprise gift. :bcupcake

      B-day September Schedule - We will start the first week with the release of 3 new members / figurines of the ‘Cabinet of Wonders Line’. And sometime in the first two weeks 2 more anthro BJDs (one familiar + one new) will make their special appearance. Both BJD releases are joint projects with well-known Outfit Designers, so please stay tuned! Also very exciting news is the buzz of a new CCC faerie, but we can’t tell a whole lot more at this point! ;-) If all goes as planned it will appear in the last two weeks of this festive month. Last but not least another tiny new figurine will have its debut; CCC Staff-members all love this little creature so much and decided uniformly that this should become CCC’s new lucky charm / mascot! You can expect to meet it very soon and hopefully will love it as much as we do.

      PS The lovely Princess Kaba will only be available for a little while longer – just a few more days, she’s needed in the Land of Wonders to help a dear friend, but she just might re-appear a little later this year… The end of our Summer Sale (discontinuing The Woodlings Yoshi, Kayu and the Baby Fauns) is also very near (end of August). Thank you all for loving our 1st and older line of creatures, we hope to bring you new dolls very soon.

      Thanks again and we hope you will enjoy this wonderful celebration with us!

      CCC Staff/Team

      Shipping schedule (pending on customs delay and other unforeseen delays):
      • Issa Moriko > after August 27th
      • Dreaming BuBu > after September 6th
      • Moles MoMo & Yuki > after September 6th
      • Fuuga The Firefly Faerie > after October 3rd
      • Princess Kaba > after October 14th
    2. The "News/Event Chat" subforum will be an appropriate place to chat about CCC's anniversary announcement, and all of its anthros and faerys.
    3. Hi Everyone,
      After this weeks start with some festive releases of the Cabinet of Wonders creatures, we now have quite a few fashion outfit designs available for pre-order in the CCC Shop http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com
      New Outfits for BuBu Odoroki, Fidelia and Fuuga the Firefly Faeries, Princess Kaba and the moles MoMo and Yuki Bouhatei.
      Hope you will enjoy these new arrivals!
      Wishing you a wonderful day,
      CCC Staff/Team