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CCC's Faeries (teen Tiny 17cm) Neo Yoshi

Sep 28, 2009

    1. CCC proudly presents Charles’ newest faerie, “1st Anniversary Special Edition”:




      ** Neo Yoshi is an Exclusive Limited Edition of only 20ea worldwide **

      Release Date: Monday, 28 September 2009 - 20.00/8pm Netherlands/European timezone
    2. Love her! I think she's adorable!!! I just hope she will be available when some money falls on me...
    3. I so Loooooove her too, such a unique sculpt (again) think I may need her as a big sister for my Fidelia and Fuuga !!
    4. Me three, she is such a delicate creature, I just want to hug her, well Bella and January are insisting on more of their family to come live with us.
    5. While I really like the smaller fairies best, I do like her and fairies come in all sizes! I love her antennae.

      Its also fun seeing her with Fidelia and Fuuga. I just can't wait to see more pictures of little Fuuga!
    6. I love this little one -- she's so different!! Still waiting for my Fidelia and Fuuga and shouldn't be buying another one, but . . . she won't be available forever!! and then Charles is coming out with more faeries -- Oh, such a dilemma as to who to buy :...(

      Grael: Are those the same size wigs on Neo Yoshi as Fidelia wears?
    7. Hi, Mparzych, no they are 5-6. I have a factory order coming in just for Neo Yoshi and other creatures Charles may have in that size. I love her in the second to the last picture, I can see her as such a feminine fairy dressed sheer silks and tiny gems. I think I will do her face in pinks and bits of green.
    8. To me, it's easy, GRAB the Neo Yoshi, she is adorable, she is limited and I promise you, she is magical, just like the little fairies, once you have one in your hand, you cannot let go and they make you feel so happy. Neo Yoshi has the same magic going on.
    9. I realized that she might actually fit in quite well with my Sleeping Elf BonBon (and eventually CoCo). My Vi (BonBon) is just a wonderful size even with the smaller girls. And very motherly with the very tiny ones. She doesn't look out of place at all. There is room for all sizes (well, within a certain range!). And now Neo Yoshi will be perfect in that range too! Names. Now to come up with some names she might like if she hasn't already decided on one!!!
    10. You know it never fails, I think of a name based on the photo, only to have them change it on me when they arrive. Since I had January Winter, I was going to name Bella, Summer June, but no. She became Bella Autumn, so much for thinking of names.
    11. Yes, I rarely "settle" on one until I actually have the doll in my hand, but I like to have a few in reserve for that particular doll. But so far nothing is coming for this one. Can't call her Neo Yoshi all her life! I saw the 5/6 pre order wigs. Looks like there are some pretty colors that will be very nice on her! And then eyes!
    12. OMG! I just saw that Denver Doll Emporium will be carrying CCC!!!!

      WHEN? That will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO enabling!!!!
    13. I did it!! I ordered her -- just couldn't pass her up. I'm just about an hour from Denver Doll Emporium, so as soon as I saw CCC up on their website, I put her in the shopping cart :) So, now I'm waiting for Fidelia, Fuuga, AND Neo Yoshi! I just wish I could get one of them to arrive at my doorstep soon LOL!!
      Grael: Hope you feel better soon -- take care of yourself!! Please let me know whenever you feel like it whether or not I just order a 5/6 from your website or if you will have special wigs for Neo Yoshi.
    14. Hi Mary, pm'd you