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CCC's Fidelia's Secret - The Firefly Faerie

Mar 11, 2009

    1. March 11, 2009 Luna Night, Full Moon

      Once again it's time for a little magic...


      Fidelia’s Secret - Fidelia, The Firefly Faerie

      Soon to be released new CCC creature, she comes with a Secret Magical Feature...

      “An enchanted little faerie, good friend of Yoshi the Woodling Faerie, comes from the Forest parts near The Whispering Wood. Her name is 'Fidelia's Secret', also called The Firefly Faerie, because of a secret magical feature she has...”

      Coming Soon ~ Please stay tuned: http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/
    2. Until we can see images of a completed doll, the Moderators can not make an accurate evaluation on whether or not this doll will be on topic. Therefore, we will reserve judgement until such time as pictures of a more fully developed sculpt is available.

      Thank you for understanding.
    3. Charles has shared photos of the Firefly Faerie and this doll has been deemed on-topic! :)
    4. OH! I've been waiting and waiting anxiously to see this little one!!!

      When will she be shared with the rest of us?
    5. Dear Lana,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry.
      We’ll be releasing more info / photo(s) of Fidelia very soon, coming Thursday (Luna Night, Full Moon) at the latest ;-)

      Thank you for your support, I sincerely hope you will like my new little firefly faerie creature!

      Have a wonderful day,
    6. Charles, I'm interested to find out whether her red and yellow parts are part of the body or removable, like clothing?

      She is wonderful, I love her face.
    7. Thank you dear Winternight and Shelly,
      The red, yellow and black are part of the Hotaru = firefly outfit design by Lin Murasaki, its elastic fabric, very tight on the body, take care Charles :)
    8. Can the clothing be removed at all? I would love to make her some leaf dresses. I really am glad she glows all over, and those eyes!! I am very impressed! I am starting to save once again, I just bougt Deer Faith.

      Charles what will Fireflys price be?
    9. Dear Muse Star,
      Thank you very much, so glad you really like her! All her clothes can be removed, the LMD (lin murasaki design) outfit is made of special elastic fabric, and here you can check out some more pics of her: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31829030@N02/
      Fidelia's price range will estimately be close to Deer Faith's, oh, and we do offer layaway :)
      Have a great day,
    10. She is positively amazing! A question, though: can her eyes be changed like other BJDs?
    11. That is great news! When is her release date, I must have one!

      BTW, what are the clear and red round goggle style things on her head? Will she have wings too? Just in time for summer!

    12. Have you tested how long the resin can glow in the dark? Like over a matter of weeks, days, months, that sort of thing :)

      Or is it permanent? (as long as you recharge via light) ?
    13. Thank you Crossingback,
      The eyes (10mm) are inter-changeable just like any other BJD's.
      :) Charles
    14. Thanks for your inquiry Adhara,
      The GID resin is permanent, best results are with day&sunlight, fake light (light bulbs, lamps) work too but give a less bright and shorter glowing time.
      Charles :)
    15. Coming Soon... (release any day now!) Fidelia's Secret - the firefly faerie


      More new pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31829030@N02/

      Thank you all for your love and support, it's much appreciated!
    16. Charles' Creature Cabinet presents:

      Special Edition - available in limited period of time -

      Fidelia's Secret - The Firefly Faerie

      Release Midnight April 16th - 00.00 (Netherlands Timezone)


      We thank you for your love and support!

      CCC Staff/Team
    17. Hi Everyone of DoA!


      More photos of the Fidelia's Secret - The Firefly Faerie and her 'insect' accessories (goggles and wings) can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31829030@N02/

      Thanks for your time, love and support!