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CCC's New Firefly Faerie ~ Fuuga (Grace)

Jul 31, 2009

    1. Hi Everyone!


      New Doll: Fuuga for Grace

      By the beginning of August we are planning to release a very special GID faerie! It’s the sweet and happy sister of Fidelia, The Firefly Faerie.

      - Her name is Fuuga (“Grace” from Japanese) The Firefly Faerie. Charles choose his sculpt/mold to be dedicated to a very dear friend who carries the same surname. It’s his way of thanking her for loving Fidelia so much. He truly hopes that Fuuga’s smile will help brighten some of the darker moments in other people’s lives, just like Fidelia did and still does in Grace’s life. ~ Fuuga The Firefly Faerie is casted in another color GID than Fidelia who is soft green, Fuuga is casted in Exclusive Neon Blue GID.



      Land of Wonders

      The Month of August is going to be filled with more spectacular releases, if all goes as planned you can expect a new arrival at the Odoroki Kyabinetto and….at least two more new additions from CCC’s Anthro Ball Jointed Doll line; The Land of Wonders. We’re happy and proud to announce that these releases will include Exclusive Editions in joint projects with famous BJD Outfit Designers! So please stay tuned, you really don’t want to miss this.

      Thank you so much for your time reading this, for your love and support and wishing you an Enchanting Summer!

      CCC Staff/Team
    2. Hi Everyone!

      Fuuga will be released in just a few minutes from now: 8.30pm EDT Eastern Daylight Time (Sun, 02 Augustus 2009)

      ~ Special Edition, available in limited period of time ~


      Fuuga is Fidelia's happy and sweet little sister and she is casted in CCC's Neon blue Glow in the Dark resin. ~ This little fantasy creature is dedicated to Grace! ~


      We hope you will love Charles' latest arrival and give her faerie hugs and your support :-)
      Thank you and have an enchanting day/evening,

      CCC Staff/Team

      PS: If any tech/site related problems or ordering problems should occur, please contact our Web Admin Hameda Yeung here: admin@charlescreaturecabinet.com ~ she will gladly assist you and try and solve the problem asap.
    3. Hi Everyone,
      So sorry, but I made a mistake (now edited) in the former post - release time is in 6 minutes from now,thank you = 8.30 pm EDT
    4. Dear Azraelita,
      Thank you for your inquiry; the baby firefly (Youchuu/Larva) is available seperately. The end of the ordering period of Fuuga is not 100% certain yet :)
      Take care,
    5. Hi there Pingping,

      Here you go:


      You're welcome :-)
    6. Hi Sywen,
      Fuuga is available for sale right now for a limited time period. You can sign up for a free account here http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/ and found the info in our FAQ.
      Thank you for loving her!

    7. Dear MiyaDoru,
      Thank you for your inquiry and nice words. :) Fuuga is doing very good, so honestly can't say at this point for how long she'll remain available for pre-order.
      Thanks again and take care,
    8. [​IMG]

      Dear CCC customer,

      Thank you all so much for your wonderful response on Charles’ latest faerie; Fuuga, The Firefly Faerie!

      We’d hereby like to say “thank you so much for your love and support on Fidelia, The Firefly Faerie”. It’s simply amazing to see how many people love both our ‘Glow in the Dark’ – Faeries.
      At this time there are quite some (future) Fidelia and/or Fuuga The Firely owners that have ordered more than 1 firefly faerie. To express our gratitude we have decided that all customers that have ordered over 1 firefly faerie, so those who have at least 2 firefly faeries, will receive a very special gift: Youchuu, the firefly faerie (Larva/Baby). So all of you that have ordered more than 1 Firefly Faerie, please send an email to: [info] @ [ charlescreaturecabinet.com] and we will arrange your special gift to be send to you (combined shipping if possible).

      Thanks again for your awesome response, love and support!
      It’s much appreciated.

      Wishing you all an enchanting day!
      CCC Staff/Team
    9. Hi CCC, are there also pics of Fuuga's default face-up (without the blue tones?), thank you