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CCC's Ophelia Licorice + DollHeart (1st Tiny Outfit Design)

Sep 8, 2009

    1. Dear DoA,

      We’re very excited and honoured to hereby introduce our first cooperation with the famous DollHeart Outfit Design. This is at the same time DollHeart’s debut of introducing fashion for tiny dolls (14 cm). Ophelia Licorice is Charles’ newest piggy, bit sad face, droopy ears and casted in beautiful all black resin and she comes in an exclusive ‘Wizard Piggy Outfit’.

      Exclusive Limited Edition ~ Ophelia Licorice – ‘Wizard Piggy’ - 1st Edition 50ea worldwide


      And back by popular demand: BuBu Odoroki 2nd Edition
      After the successful sold out 1st edition we hereby offer BuBu Odoroki 2nd Edition 50ea- Newly casted in colour pastel yellow “Mango” resin. This 2nd Edition comes in three versions. We’re very proud and excited to introduce mEda’s Princess Tapi and Luxour Academy Editions:


      Please meet IF – Imaginary Friend: CCC’s new lucky charm / mascot! We hope you love it as much as we do.


      Ophelia Licorice, BuBu Odoroki 2nd Edition and IF - Release date/time:
      Wednesday 9 September 2009, 20.00pm (8pm) - Netherlands (Europe) time zone

      Thank you for your love and support!

      CCC Staff/Team

    2. Who is the tiny cute white creature in this shot? Do you plan to release him? :)
    3. Apokripha > It's written on the picture: IF, imaginary friend. And he's included in the release as Charle's post said:
      "Ophelia Licorice, BuBu Odoroki 2nd Edition ***and IF *** - Release date/time:
      Wednesday 9 September 2009, 20.00pm (8pm) - Netherlands (Europe) time zone"
    4. ....And they are all - Ophelia, BuBu2 and little IF - live as we speak, also available for pre-order Lin Murasaki Design Gothic Lolita Dress / Cape for Ophelia (fits Alice, BuBu etc 14cm anthro tinies)

      Thanks much for your love, support and interest,
      CCC Staff

    5. Hi CCC, will DollHeart offer more fashion for Tiny BJDs? I hope so, it is absolutely gorgeous. Also wanted to ask about the accessories of Ophelia, I'm searching for the tiny cauldron and broom, any help / advise is welcome.
    6. Dear MiyaDoru, as the Wizard Piggy for Ophelia is DollHeart's debut for Tiny dolls fashion, I'm pretty sure more will follow in the near future ;-) The accessories (broom stick) we got at a local hobby store and the cauldron is a family piece, but with Halloween at the doorstep I'm guessing it shouldn't be too hard to get similar ones. Good luck and thank you,