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CCC's The Most Beautiful Girl...

Aug 9, 2009

    1. Hi Everyone,
      Just sharing the very 1st picture of PRINCESS KABA (= Hippo from Japanese)
      Hope you will love her!


      ~ Surprise Edition ~

      The Most Beautiful Girl from The Land of Wonders ~ Coming Soon!
    2. You may have finally doomed me Charles.

      Will we get to see pictures of the body when she comes out? Can you tell me how obviously female it is? Or will there be a boy at some point?
    3. [​IMG]

      Hi everyone,
      A new pic of the most beautiful girl from The Land of Wonders has just been posted.
      Have a great day!
    4. Hi Everyone!

      We have a very special Surprise Release of:

      The Most beautiful Girl from The Land of Wonders…

      PRINCESS KABA (= hippo from Japanese)
      ~ CCC's newest anthro ball jointed doll (Tiny) ~

      Release: Friday, 14 August 2009
      Time: 16.00pm (4pm) Netherlands time (European time zone)


      ~ Surprise Edition ~


      We hope you will love Charles' latest arrival, and that you will give her hippo hugs and your support :-)

      Thank you and wishing you an enchanting day!

      CCC Staff

      PS at the same time (or a few days later) two Exclusive outfit designs by Luxour Academy’s (mEda) Hameda Yeung will be available for Princess KABA
    5. Hello Bird of Hermes, well we decided to do this release a little different than our regulars. She'll still be limited, but it will be a surprise quantity. And only available for a limited period of time as well. Thank you! Charles :)
    6. Dear ShadowHawke,
      Thank you for loving her! And sure, just like all our other doll/products, KABA too will be available for layaway :)
      Wishing you an enchanting day!
    7. Hi Everyone!

      The official promo pictures and listings of Princess KABA are up now at the CCC shop site :-)))


      ~ Exclusive Luxour Academy Outfits by mEda seperately available ~


    8. Dear MiyaDoru,

      Thank you for loving KABA :)
      Here's a measurement picture

      Her release is in one hour from now 4 pm Netherlands time ~ exciting ~
      Take care,
    9. [​IMG]

      She's just been released, thank you so much for your love and support!
      CCC Staff
    10. Dear Mu Shu,
      Princess Kaba comes with a default purple outfit and tiny crown. The special Luxour Academy designs by mEda are both seperately available, under 'Surprise Edition' - Thank you so much for your interest :)