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CCC's The Woodlings "Yoshi & Kayu Set" (LE)

Oct 23, 2008

    1. LIMITED EDITION: Yoshi & Kayu – (Full Packages/2 Complete Units)

      ~*Due to popular demand, and a special thank you for our fans, we are offering a special price for this Limited Edition Complete set for a limited time only.*~



      Limited Edition - Yoshi & Kayu Complete Set
      $399.00 USD

      LIMITED EDITION: Yoshi – unit (full set)
      - Resin/Skin: Asian Cream yellow assembled parts Yoshi (head + body + hand/feet)
      - Height: 11 cm
      - Eyes: 12 mm Acrylic doll eyeballs
      - Accessories: antler of twigs and tiny leaves, wings-leaves (“Grace” Japanese clay)
      - Face Up: by Charles Stephan
      - Outfit: “Nature” by Lin Murasaki Design

      LIMITED EDITION: Kayu – unit (full set)
      - Resin/Skin: Asian Cream yellow assembled parts Kayu (head + body + arms/legs)
      - Height: 5 cm
      - Accessories: 2 removable antlers, 1 twig with tiny leaf, and 1 twig with flower (“Grace” Japanese clay)
      - Face Up & hand-painted: by Charles Stephan

      This lovely set comes with:
      - Packaging: Exclusive Wooden CCC box
      - Authenticity card, numbered and signed