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CCC's Woodlings Baby Fauns

Dec 15, 2008

    1. [ Dear DoA, I'm not sure if my new releases will be on-topic since they are mythical creatures - babies. Please delete if not allowed, thanks ]

      :hollyberry Hi Everyone!

      A New Secret Revealed on Luna Night...


      Hereby we like to share with you that we have exciting plans to introduce new CCC dolls/creatures in the coming new year.

      The 1st ones we’ll introduce in 2009 are quadruplets – Woodlings Baby Fauns, to be released January 10th, Luna Night.

      Please stay tuned! http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/

      :treecookieWe wish you all a Magical Holiday and an Enchanting New Year! :candycane

      CCC Staff/Team
    2. :o:o:o:o:o:D

      They are so adorable, and what a wonderful way to begin the new year!

      Are they going to be released as a set then, not seperate fauns?
    3. Dear Akudem,
      The Baby Fauns will be offered seperately and next to this most probably also as a Quadruplets Set.
      Thanks much for your inquiry ;-)
    4. Update 01/01/2009

    5. I love the baby fauns!!!
      Yoshi and Kayu are screaming for a new playmate....

      The drawing of Noanie Autumn is so sweet!!
      Are there any plans of releasing her as a doll too??
      She would be soo sweet!!
    6. Thank you Tyna!
      Noanie Autumn will be the final/closing doll of The Woodlings Saga.

      Thank you Wilkies!
      Its Issa's sculpt and the height/size of the Baby Fauns will be 8cm
    7. so cute!:D
      is there a price range you could give us or is it already on the wedsite?
    8. Thank you Arkhangel Hamatiel,
      Price range of a Woodling Baby Faun LE is $249 - $269 USD
      For customers that order a baby between 10 -31 of January there will be an additional special discount 20% off. :D

      Take care,
    9. aww so cute, I hope I have the funds before they're sold out. Is there a way to find out how much left of a certin item there is. For ex. How many Little faith are their.
    10. [PM'ed you Mizunotsubasa, thanks]

      Update 01/08/2009

      New pics of The Woodlings Baby Fauns - "The Making Of Quadruplets"


      Release: Luna Night / Full Moon, Saturday 10th January, 15.00 pm (The Netherlands)

      CCC's Special Happy New Year's Event: 20% off of the New Baby Fauns for those who order before the 31st of January 2009

      Thank you very much for your love and support,

      CCC Staff/Team
      Charles Stephan

      Please stay tuned: http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/
    11. Update 01/10/2009


      Hello World, We are the Quadruplets Woodlings Baby Fauns: Issa, Jemmy, Lena and Kimbo


      * * Default Face Up & Body Blush is the standard CCC (same as Yoshi / Deer Faith = Asian Cream / Susu resin * *

      * * On the picture is an Optional Custom Woodlings Baby Fauns colours Face Up & Body Blush shown

      From left to right:
      Issa: Yellow (sparkle gold) , Jemmy: Orange (pumpkin ornange), Lena: Green (interference green)
      Kimbo: Brown (antique bronze)

      Optional: professional face up and body blush can also be done by artist Miriam Bos of http://www.sweetlytwisted.com/

      Official release today at 15.00 pm (The Netherlands)

      Thanks for looking!

      CCC Staff/Team
      Charles Stephan
    12. do you have an estimated ship date yet? Just wondering
    13. Dear Grael,
      We're expecting to start shipping the baby fauns February 5th.
    14. Are they shipped sooner if you have the default?
    15. Dear Valli,
      You're right, the default Baby Fauns will be shipped sooner.
    16. Hi everyone!

      New Outfits in the CCC Shop available: Woodlings Baby Fauns "Animal" Outfits, all hand made designs, very tiny, by Lin Murasaki Design.



      Bunny (yellow), Squirrel (orange), Frog (green) and a Monkey (brown).

      Thank you for your love and support!

      Have a great day,

      CCC Staff/Team
      Charles Stephan
    17. Unfortunately, since the Baby Fauns do not have the minimum prerequisite joints (they lack joints in the wrists and ankles), they are off-topic for Den of Angels.