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CCC's X'mas Rasta Brownies

Dec 7, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      :candycaneComing Soon (release for pre-order period):candycane

      CCC's Exclusive Xmas Release: Rasta Twins, Brownies Bailey Rose & Marley
      Bailey Rose & Marley are Charles’ newest fantasy creatures; Xmas Brownies! The Rasta Twins are both casted in brown choco/caramel colours. Bailey Rose is casted in CCC’s Dark Chocolate and Marley is casted in CCC’s Caramel, both Size Tiny (9,5cm).

      Together with the release for pre-order of these two brownies we have yet another very special suprise release of a tiny creature ;-)

      NB Neo Yoshi The Woodling Faerie and hippo Princess Kaba are both available again for a limited time only!

      Thank you for your love and support, and wishing you all wonderful and happiest holidays!
      CCC Staff/Team
    2. When will the shoes be available?
    3. how much is the Chirstmas IF going to be?
    4. Hi All,
      The X'mas Surprise Editions (and shoes) are all up for pre-order now.
      Thank you,
      CCC Staff/Team
    5. Just a gentle reminder that IF will not be on-topic for DoA because of jointedness criteria - totally adorable, though! :)