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cclevans Feed Back Theard woot woot

Nov 10, 2006

    1. Hello everyone Charlie and I -huggles dollfie-
      decided to make a feed back thread :sumomo:-everyone starts cheering-:sumomo:
      So tell away
      remeber I love you all
      bai bai
    2. cc is lovely, she bought her beloved charlie from me and she paid straightaway and has been sending me updates on his new home, i'd definitely recommend selling to her, no problems at all, thanks:)
    3. Clevans is a gret person to communciate with and is super sweet! I sold her some luts acrilic eyes and had no problems at all~ I would reccomend her any day :3 Thank you!~

    4. cclevans bought a little custom beaded necklace from me and she was wonderful to work with!
    5. cclevans bought a wig from me, she's such a sweet person and listens way too much to charlie ;)
    6. CeCe is a fantastic and enthusiastic buyer who is open with communication! You can trust her :D
    7. Cclevans is the best. Period! I bought something simple, a little Border Collie Plushie for my Dolls so they would have a puppy just like me xD And she made sure he went to a great home~ packaged well with little chocolates in a plastic cupcake! It was truly adorable!!

      She went well out of her way for something most people wouldn't think twice about~ She's just awesome! =) I'd like to give a thank you picture just for you CC! ^^


    8. oh my goodness your totally welcome. This is the cutiest picture I have ever seen in my life!! Aww im so happy for that pup, I know hes going to be spoiled!! :D so cute!!! Thank you -huggles-
    9. bought the travle bag.
      Its perfect, and roomy enough for 2 SD's.
      Loved the suprice gifts too.
    10. Cclevans made my girl a beautiful bunny hat! It fits perfectly and looks SO cute on my Viveka!!
    11. Maebe loves her new pink bunny hat! Thank you!
    12. Cecee is a really nice person, great communication and fast payment! A pleasure to do business with her!
    13. I purchased a few MSD size shirts from cclevans and had a perfect transaction. No trouble in sending payment and communtication was fine. I recieved the items in a timely fashion. Thanks a bunch! :)
    14. Bought a doll from cclevans. She arrived in perfect condition, packaged almost as well as my company-ordered doll! Also in the box was more toys than my kids know what to do with, so they (and mom!) are very happy with the whole transaction.

      Thank you so much!
    15. I bought a Souldoll Harang from cclevans.
      communication was very good and she was very patient although i've had problems with the payment.
      There were a lot of clothes and stuff within the package and everything arrived in good condition
    16. cclevans committed to buy my Zi Yuan on Layaway and then no word from her for a month when she informed me that she was having financial difficulties. She was ok to work with just recommend better communication.
    17. cclevans bought a DS Saint from me as her birthday present. She was an awesome customer: payments made on time, courteous, understanding and most importantly excellent communications. Thanks for a flawless transaction, I'm happy he's with someone who will love him. Enjoy your birthday present! :aheartbea
    18. CCLevans and I had a ROLLERCOASTER ride of events together! She commissioned me for some extensive work and was patient and awesome throughout the whole process. It was great fun and I look forward to working with her again!! <3