Limited Items CD Kitty jolies extra dolls !

Jul 1, 2016

    1. Hello,

      Important notice for kitty jolie's lovers !
      As I have no preorder schedule for her before while and because she shares same body than Loolou ( which is currently on preorder ), I can order few extra dolls to my manufacturer with my rabbit.
      If you are looking for a kitty jolie in Antique pink or in the new color Marron glacé please mail me quickly at [email protected] as I will close the order on monday.
      It Is possible to order the pink with default faceup shown on the website, Marron glacé is available only blank.
      As always feel free to mail me if you have any question :)
      Have a Nice day !



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    2. What is her price? :D
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    3. Hello,
      Price including the VAT for european collectors is 465€ for a blank doll ( in both pink antique and marron glacé ).
      Price for non european collectors ( duty free ) is 387.5€
    4. My word! That is a difference of almost 80£ Or almost $90 exchange rate today, if my converter is correct. I did not know the EU VAT was so high. Well, maybe the British can order more dolls now. That is a really cute doll! How tall is she?
    5. Flyboru> Yes the VAT represent 20% of the european price :(
      But in another hand European collectors don't pay custom when they buy from an european shop, what is not the same for non european custom. So at the end everybody have nearly the same price depending of your country customs fees.
    6. Is she eligible for layaway as well?
    7. Yes of course the layaway option is available :)