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Cecile the scar face , cruise in Kobe

Aug 31, 2006

    1. I just received that from Volks.

      Cecile the scar face : The ocean of deep back version
      120 000 yens.

      This time near my city, but i think i won't go because the cruise price is 10 000 yens and second i won't buy the doll, i'm too poor.
      That's a pity, because i could get one , T_________T

      Here the pics.




      Voila, ^^
    2. Is there an after-event sort of thing for people who don't go on the cruise? x__x; Or is he not just for people who go on the cruise?
    3. Last time he was only for people who could go on the cruise, so I suppose that will be the same this time ;___;
    4. when is the Cruise and when does one have to respond by? ^^
    5. First , yes you have to go to the cruise to get the doll but you have to send back the post card got with the pamphlet to order the doll before the 13th of September.

      The cruise is the 22th of October.

      And sorry if i mistook , i thought it was a news.
      So i posted all now to the other forum.
    6. Hi Megu! It is news, so thank you for posting it in the News forum! We really appreciate it. :)

      However, we recently changed the News forum so that News itself is posted here in the News forum, but "chat posts" such as "he's so cute!" or "I wish I could buy him!" aren't allowed. We want News posts to only contain NEWS. :) So, we like to have News posts here, and then "discussion" is in other forums. Does that make sense? I hope so! It means that people who only want to know the news can find all the information here, but that people who want to chat about the new items can do so elsewhere. :)
    7. Oh ok, i understood

      Sorry to be a dumb, ^_______^
      i'm French and DOA is very hard for me, especially rules change so often, ^^
    8. The promotional images show Cecile with a closed eye and an open eye. Am I to assume that since they are showing you the special eye that accompanies this version, that the closed eye version is again the special one off that Volks keeps and uses for promotions only?
    9. No, if you buy him you get the one with the closed eye, but you can buy the blind eye seperatly and, if you want an open eye, send him to Volks and they'll open the scarred eye for you ^^

      (mods, I hope it's okay to reply here, since this question has come up three times now, I figured it might be handy if people could read the answer in the news thread?)