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Celebrate "Mini gem's birth" by ourselves!

Nov 1, 2005

    1. Celebrate "Mini gem's birth" by ourselves![/size]

      “BJ Doll of Dreams, The Soom's 12" Mini gem(30cm),”

      perfect standing body, the legs No-kicking & no bent, wide ranges of movements....

      but beyond all things, you can dress Mini gem with any babie's ...

      can you imagine her slim waist and natural body line?

      Daringly, Soom's word, "The birth of Mini gem means a new evolution of BJ dolls!

    2. Beautiful body. Wanna see more :grin:
    3. Beautiful sculpt! Can't wait to see more!
    4. gosh! so petite and lovely! I cant wait to see more either! :D
    5. WOW! She looks amazing, look forward to more details and pictures :grin:
    6. Oh, MAN. That's SO TINY!!!

      ...Soom does some awesome work. I wonder how much these new ones will cost? I'm so glad they're coming out with minis. :)
    7. She looks to be Barbie-sized, but with BJD construction and a beautiful sculpt . . . can't wait to see more of this girl!

      -- Andi :)
    8. Maybe that's what they meant by any "babies".
    9. I think so - Barbie, not baby. :wink:
    10. Oh! A three-piece torso! I want to see more. And I hope there will be a boy version too!
    11. Oooh, the design looks beautiful! The posability defintely seems to be! hope to see more soon!
    12. wonderful body, I have been thinking that this size should have been created by now in a nice ball jointed doll. I would love to see a smaller chest option too.

      I wonder if she would fir WTG? who's that girl? is who's that girl and barbie the same size?
      That would be cool! not much of a barbie clothing fan.

      Of course looking forward to seeing the head options!! and maybe an elf one too!
    13. Ooh so that's why her feet looked a bit tiny for me. ^_^;; Uhm, I might not be able to resist her if she can fit the Barbie Fashion Fever clothing. It's lame but I really like some of the clothes they have out. :barf
    14. Oh, wow! :D She's so little!

      ... I hope they release a boy version, too! I hope they fit into WTG/Barbie clothes, since the latter especially are just so easy to find (and cheap, at that.)
    15. WTG is 1/6-scale, though, isn't she? If she's the same scale as Azone, she'll be too small for the new Mini Gem to wear her clothes (my Unoa Lights are sized similarly to 1/6-scale dolls, and they're quite a bit smaller than Barbies, more like 10.5 inches as opposed to 12 inches).

      They might be able to wear WTG Boyfriend stuff, which is too big for my UnoLas.

      But a BJD who can wear Barbie clothes . . . eeeee!!!

      -- Andi :D
    16. 1/6 scale dolls generally range from 10.5"-11.5", excluding the ones with the giant heads. Generally they can interchange clothes, depending on how curvy they are. Slimmer 1/6 dolls include WTG, Momoko, Takara Jenny & friends, Susie, Pullip, and Azone dolls (though the clothes generally run big on the slimmer dolls) Larger 1/6 dolls include Barbie, Fashion Royalty, and the Obitsu bodies with the ginormous breasts.

      I would guess that Mini Gem, like most 1/6 dolls, will be able to wear a wide range of clothing from all of the above... heck, even some clothes made specifically for the dolls fit other dolls better :grin:
    17. Fantastic!!! When will we hear more? When will she be available? Oh no, another doll to be addicted to! :grin:

    18. :o Wow! I'm suprised that none of the other bjd companies thought of this sooner. :oops:

      I love how small and poseable the body looks. I can't wait to see more pictures! :D
    19. =D heyyy. Neat. I hope they're less than $300...
    20. Yes, You are right! Barbie-sized, not babies...Thank you, Dear ashbet! :oops: