Celebrities That Inspired Your Doll

Oct 3, 2019

    1. Do any celebrities, singers, or instagram models inspire your dolls' character, personality, or look? I'm not talking about an exact copy of them, but just some aspects. If so who? I'm curious to know
    2. I have one doll made as Tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. He is very much in his likeness. My own lil Chezzy. <3
      Than I have one boy inspired as Jonathan Rhys Meyers.Than on girl... I dont know if you could count it as celeb or singer etc., she is inspired by Elsa from Frozen. :-)
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    3. @LadybugCZ aw those are so cool, haha Elsa is definitely a celebrity to me
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    4. I have a doll that is inspired by a Cosplayer; he's just such a blessing to the world, his positive attitude is just inspiring. I have shown him the doll last month as I met him at a convention and he was happy to inspire me ♥ his name is Bai_Long_Cosplays on insta.

      The doll's character got his positive attitude, to not to give up and find positivy in everything and ... his hairstyle is basically the same, just another color :)

      Oh and I have two dolls that are based on songs by my favorite band. They are also approved by the lead singer (and he is verrry citicial with fanwork).
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    5. That is so sweet omg, I love how you were able to show them all that they inspired you, that is really good fan interaction on their part.

      P.S. you have a wonderful doll collection, I remember taking a look at all of your doll profiles about a week ago because I was amazed at how many beautiful ones you have.
    6. I like celebs who wear glam goth clothes either casually or when in persona. So I like some of von Teese's outfits and some of Eva Green as in Penny Dreadful. I am aware of that my dolls for the time being often look nothing like it, but its because of my limited time now.
    7. ah yes von Teese's style is very nice, I love that slight pinup look to it, I'd be interested to see more dolls in that type of style
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    8. Celebrities often inspire my dolls! None are copies, Mini-me or tributes, just loosely inspired, whether it be by appearance, fashion sense, personality, a character they played or some small trait. My current crew:

      Meghan: Kylie Jenner
      Allison: Chloe Grace Moretz
      Marley: Alexandra Shipp (as Storm)
      Navi: Nyakim Gatwech
      Harriet: Kelly Osbourne
      Sixx: Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga
      Lakin: Kurt Cobain, Gerard Way, Michael Clifford
      Parker: Liam Payne, Benjamin Lasnier
      Tate: Kodi Smit-McPhee (as Nightcrawler)
      Francis: Paul Schrier and Devin D Ratray (as Buzz McCallister)
      Stan: Craig Tucker on South Park (does that count??)
      Amir: Amir Derakh
      Stephan: Blake McIver Ewing

      Zander, Cian and Jane have no celebrity influence.
    9. Candie is loosely based on Candace Acola and her character on The Vampire Diaries and Mattie is based on Matilda from The Professional.
    10. Well, my OC Tahmos is heavily inspired looks-wise by Adam Lambert (and a bit with his personality), and also a bit by John Barrowman's Doctor Who/Torchwood character Jack Harkness. I've even used a few Adam Lambert pictures as reference images for faceup ideas while working on Tahmos' resin counterpart.:3nodding::XD:
    11. Oh yes! Mostly fashion inspiration! Artist is BTS a Kpop boy band. The member that I look most to is Jimin! I love all the cute, sexy, and casual outfits~ <3
    12. I can totally see the connection between the influence and the members of your crew, especially with Allison

      wow great choices, love Mathilda's style

      ooooh I can see the connections, I use a lot of celebrities as faces references as well

      aw I love jimin! his style is so versatile, he's a great choice for some inspirations
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    13. My only human guy, Edgar, is inspired by a male model I saw once online... but that was on 2014 and now I don't remember his name and I can't seem to find pictures of him online or in my laptop (I have tried to while writing this xD).
      Anyway, I will always remember his kind expression and his gorgeous light brown hair. Also, I think he was modeling a red hoodie but those are really poor data to find him again.
    14. I chose mine to be mostly giant action figures of the original Avengers. Another one is meant to be Mr. Spock.
    15. Edgar definitely look model-esque haha, most of my dolls are just based off of random instagram famous girls that I'll probably never find again.

      I definitely see the resemblance with your crew, great job on Tony's facial hair btw haha
    16. There is a singer named Kerli that featured a bjd in one of her music videos. I loved her doll so much I bought the same sculpt! She actually is the reason I got into this hobby! Her music is a big inspiration to my dolls character!
    17. My boy Jorn was loosely inspired by Cat Casino of Deathstars.


      Fun fact: now that I look at them both, his doll version actually looks more like him than the original drawn and sims versions I have of him... I swear that was not on purpose ò__ò
      Also, the inspiration is just for the general appearance, the clothing style (sort of) and their nationality (both are Swedish, though Jorn is pretty much Swedish by accident :'D I originally wanted to make him Finnish, but then I found out that his name is apparently not Finnish/can be found in Sweden instead, so I changed his nationality XD). Jorn's story/personality was entirely made up and has nothing to do with Mr. Casino.
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    18. oooh they're both so good lookinggg.. their noses and lips are also very similar so I'm really getting the vibes

      woah that's so cool !
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    19. A few of my dolls are inspired from Japanese Visual Kei artists that I followed from loving their fashion as well their music. A few based off them while others just cosplay some of the artists for events.
    20. I never wanted a doll based on an existing person, but when I watched the movie Polar on netflix I was completely drawn in by Fei Ren's face. She's so beautiful I immediately thought that if I ever had a doll look like someone, it would be her. I came across Phoenix Dolls Liu and and thought she'd be excellent to base off of Fei Ren. Now I'm just waiting for my favorite faceup artist to send her out to.:dance