Preorder Cerisedolls Ellana, on Lune body for the very last time [OPEN until 21th]

Mar 8, 2016

    1. Hello Everybody,

      We took the decision to stop the production of the Lune body,
      But before we want to offer to our customers a last opporrtunity to have Ellana and Lyse on this body.
      Ellana preorder will be from March 14th to 21th (Lyse will be next month).
      Ellana will be offered in peach, dark tan, and for the very first time in caramel skin.
      If you want a Ellana on this body, don't miss the preorder ;)
      As always, layaway will be available and faceup option too.



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    2. The preorder for Ellana in peach , caramel and dark tan skin is now open ( until March 21 th) :)