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Certain Mecha Angels Discontinued

Apr 28, 2010

    1. Link to Notice.

      Looks like Soom want to focus on their Super Gem line.
    2. It seems that Rex is going to say bye bye forever and the White Skin/Cream White dolls are not going to be made. The Normal Skin ones will continue to be made. They posted this on their Notice Board
    3. Rex!! Noooooo!!! :...( I'd always wanted to get him someday. *sniffle*
    4. Sad about Rex....

      But as for the cream white they are not all fully stopped actually. Some have "Follow a schedule" beside their name and few Discontinued.

      I am surprised I thought cream white Saiph and Rex were more popular
    5. I'm also quite sad about Rex... He was going to be my Sabik's brother. -sighs- And there were a few others I had wished for and will still be wishing for... I'll get them one day....
      At least I'll be able to get my Vega boy. That's what makes me content.
    6. yes: angela_valentine: you are right: corvi and sabik elf will continue on. according to the chart they will come out for 'ffd' and will be made in both normal skin and cream white. soom has discontinued some of the 'other mechas' in favor of adding 'new ones'.
    7. I'm just glad that Sabik is still for sale in any skin. One day I wanna get one!
    8. Phew, I'm relieved Vega and Sabik are still available in normal skin C:
    9. Yeah, they haven't discontinued any of the Normalskins except Rex!-- just the Cream Whites. And some aren't even discontinued, they'll just be FFD-only.

      That's a relief, we can still get most of those normalskin beauties if we need them. But I too am sad about Rex. I still have these occasional idle fantasies of Rex and Sabik living here someday (after I punch a hole in the wall & take over my neighbor's apartment so I'll have room for 2 more Mecha Angels).

      The quick-reference chart:

      NAME Normal / Cream White

      SABIK Continue / Discontinued
      SABIK ELF follow a schedule / follow a schedule
      REX Discontinued / Discontinued
      CORVI follow a schedule / follow a schedule
      DENEB Continue / Discontinued
      SAIPH Continue / Discontinued
      VEGA Continue / follow a schedule
      MEISA follow a schedule / follow a schedule
      Jointed Hands PARTS Continue / Continue
      HIGH HEEL PARTS Continue / Continue

      Now everybody, go buy more Corvis! I only know 1 Corvi, and I LOVE to look at him, so I would like to look at more. ^^
    10. That's what I had thought. At first, I was confused about it. But that makes a lot of sense. I'm glad at least some of them have been kept...
    11. I am disappointed about Rex. I almost bought one once, but decided I wasn't in love with his lip shape. I regret that now. :( I'm glad Elf Sabik and both genders of Vega are still there in CW. I planned on another Sabik and a color 'upgrade' for my girl Vega. (The MAs otherworldly looks and proportions look better in CW, IMO.) There will be another CW MA in my future ASAP. I just discovered IO is a better MA than a SG. Now he needs a CW MA body. :sweat
    12. Being the fan of white dolls that I am, I'm saddened by the fact that Soom won't be making them in white. Gotta keep my white Deneb really safe then! :o
      I put in my two cents on the Q&A board about how it seems that Soom has abandoned the MAs in favor of the new musclebunny trend. Just to let them know that there are still customers who are perfectly happy with ordinary Super Gems and Mecha Angels without all the bells and whistles and eight-pack abs. :lol:
    13. *sigh* I wish we'd of had some notice so I could have ordered a white Rex :(
    14. I'm confused... what does "follow a schedule" mean? Aren't all MA already sold with the FFD limitation?

      Does it mean "to be discontinued soon"? Meisa is listed as that and she's pretty new.
    15. Waah! This is an unfortunate announcement, and so odd, why discontinue just one color? Now I am nervous that if I don't get the CW MAs I want now, that they might not be available anymore in the future as well.
    16. I'm seriously confused about why they'll keep a mold and a resin color but they won't use the two together. o_O Does it require that much coordination to make a white Saiph? More than to make a white Sabik? Do they use two different molds for the different colors?
    17. really discontiue the mech angels. I want a Saiph mech angel to add to my collection I think she is just gorgeous. I can t believe they are discontinuing this beautiful line of dolls. they must not have sold as well as they had hoped . that is really too bad.

      NO not at all . same mold or molds. its just the color of resin they mix up and pour.

      I'm seriously confused about why they'll keep a mold and a resin color but they won't use the two together. o_O Does it require that much coordination to make a white Saiph? More than to make a white Sabik? Do they use two different molds for the different colors?

      ITs look like the cream white skin isnt selling well enough for them from the chart. I really like the cream white skin and would have ordered Saiph in it over the normak skin color.
    18. St. James, I completely agree with you. We don't need all these buff guys. Some are nice, but come on. We need variety.

      And gaiaswill, like someone had said above.. They think that "follow a schedule" means that they'll be released as FFD's and the others that say "continue" will be released as normal dolls. I actually thought that, myself. Which I'm alright with. I just wish they didn't discontinue certain dolls.

      ZennoSaji, what you said made me laugh. XD That's very true, now that I think about it. I don't understand, except the fact that some probably didn't sell well. I dunno. I always thought Rex was more popular than Corvi. Especially Corvi. I think it would've been better to discontinue Corvi than discontinue Rex. Not only because I want a Rex, but because everyone else does too.
    19. why they would choose to 'discontinue what appears to be a popular mold' : what if the mold got damaged? it is possible. also: why do a run of NS as opposed to WS ? perhaps they bought a ton of NS 'resin' at a 'quantity price' and they need to use that up before investing back in WS.
      soom did run: WS WS WS endlessly before 'switching'. i would think their decisions are not intended to 'annoy their customers'. they are logistical business decisions.
      as for the recent monzo brandon beefcake: i think: they are 'trying it out' .
    20. I want a Meisa. I hope I can still get her some day. I am excited about new Mecha Angels too. I wonder when they will have them?