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Update Certain Soom MAs discontinued

Apr 28, 2010

    1. The announcement on the Soom site is HERE. :(

      Dear customer,

      We appreciate your contacting us and deep love in Mecah Angels.

      And we sincerely apologize for that we gave you disappointed and inconvenience against our will.
      Currently, most of CW Mecah Angels were discontinued and those discontinued dolls will not be re-released any more. We deeply apologize about that.
      And also some of remained dolls which are still on sale will be discontinued without any notification, too. However, we have been noticed 8 days before about the selling FFD list on the board each month; therefore, please refer that notification.

      We are very sorry about your disappointed and please expect our new Mecah angel dolls which will be newly released soon.

      We will respect and consider your opinions and we will deliver your message to our Project team for the entire Mecha Angel dolls how to update, develop and newly released.

      We have been studied for the Mecha Angel dolls since releasing Mecha Angel and we have always been discussed and planned to release the new dolls.
      We cannot inform you the exact date of new dolls releasing, however, please keep looking forward to our new our products.

      Please kindly understand of our decision which we hardly made with consideration of our internal situations and other reasons.

      We, SOOM always respect customer’s opinions and we have been tried to do our best to provide best quality dolls and better service for rewarding customer’s love.

      Please keep giving your opinions and any advices to us continually.
      Once again, we are very sorry to have caused you so much anxiety.

      Thank you so much♡


      NAME Normal Cream White
      SABIK Continue Discontinued
      SABIK ELF follow a schedule follow a schedule
      REX Discontinued Discontinued
      CORVI follow a schedule follow a schedule
      DENEB Continue Discontinued
      SAIPH Continue Discontinued
      VEGA Continue follow a schedule
      MEISA follow a schedule follow a schedule
      Jointed Hands
      PARTS Continue Continue
      HIGH HEEL Continue Continue