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CH Ai Yeondu Help :D

Jan 1, 2010

    1. First time to buy a BJD:)
      She' gonna be my first. <3
      and I have some questions, the add make-up option is for the doll's head, the event head and head make-up option is for an extra head? and the add body is for an extra body?*_*
      I just wanted to make sure. xD
      and is it worth 120$? Is it worth it to buy her?

      I've been wanting her for two years I think. :sweat
    2. Get her if you really want her. The only negative thing I've heard from Custom House is that their bodies need some work before they pose well. Also, for some people it has taken them up to 6 months to receive their doll/dolls so if you're willing to wait awhile and willing to put a lot of time into her body, then buy her. If you've been wanting her for two years, get her, I was actually thinking about it myself and she is incredibly cute.

      I usually preach to not just get a starter doll and save up for one you really know you'll enjoy, but if you say two years, then I think you should go for it. $120 is not bad for a doll at all, but if it's your first, I recommend getting the face-up option even though it adds about $50 more, since doing them are very hard and some people who get their dolls and do a face-up can be very unsatisfied. If you want to try, make sure you get the right materials and if you are unsatisfied with your work, then you can always purchase the service of a face-up artist here on DoA.

      If you're interested in doing your dolls in the future's face-ups, but don't know if you want to try just yet and then have to send it off for a custom one, just practice on the event head to develop some skill first. This is just what I would do.

      Diclaimer: Information is based on my own in-depth research on these dolls in pursuit of one so I have never held a Custom House in person.

    3. I thought that the 6 months waiting period was because of the 50% off thing, but I can still wait.<3
      thanks so much for your advice >:D<
    4. Yes, it is mainly due to the %50-off sale(S!!!), yes sales as in plural lol They have been having many sales in a row and so much speculation is that they're trying to catch up to all the people buying during their sale periods. Some people have had luck in getting their dolls and some have had bad luck. But, long waiting periods appear in a lot of countries. Some people it has take 6 months to get a Soom MD, but some companies also have pretty close to flawless shipping times.

      I really hope my advice helps you ^^
    5. Please be aware that they ARE currently in the midst of a 50% off sale (on top of the free head, yes)! ^^
    6. I have 2 Yeondus, myself. Even though the wait was long, I had no issues with the quality. The two little girls are adorable!
    7. when you buy the doll at 120$ the head and the body are in the package right? my sister is questioning me -__-
    8. oh loljk nevermind XD
    9. At present, you get a head, body and event head. The extra options are for the event head. An extra body for the event head is $100. If you are planning to buy one, it may pay to look in group orders as you may find a split for the event head. I bought Yeondu and Marco in this sale. I've seen a Choa in person and she's gorgeous, I think they're worth the money and as a starter doll, you get a great price and sweet doll. If there are any problems ie bad seams etc, then there are some great tutorial on youtube for how to restring doll so you don't need to panic. Sooner or later with BJDs, it is something that you'd need to learn to do. There are also great tutorials on face-ups there as well so take a look at those in case you're interested in doing your own.
    10. Oh really? :D how does the yeondu look like? does it look exactly like the one in the picture? :)
      how long did you have to wait?
    11. I finally ordered the doll <33