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CH has new dolls up

Aug 17, 2005

    1. I thought I'd post this here, too.....^^

      New uniques, and limited dolls....^^
    2. I think Sher's gonna freak... SO MANY BEAUTIFUL SARIELS!
      Uriel and Uranus are so darling!
    3. Phantom is beyond gorgeous :o

      Oh how I wish I had won the lottery. He would be mine :love

      :daisy Dena
    4. So many beautiful dolls! Is the petite devil new? She is so cute with her little wings and tiny corset....
    5. a boy Soye! :D Ahh... CH Uniques. <3
    6. the big uniques and the devil were form the last round. the new round starts with the tanned uriel.
    7. were are they ?
    8. thank you :grin:
    9. WOW!!! They're sooooooo pretty.
    10. So many beautiful dolls and so little money :cry: I really like the suntan Uriel, he is too cute!
    11. Man, I already liked Uriel best of the petites, and his tanned form is Cuter than ever. :D :o

      Ann in CT
    12. URGH!! The day I get a job, Uriel sells out. Man, I am so disappointed!
    13. Well... actually I don't personally care for the faceup on that little sariel who was limited. I just want the KANA one that came out a couple months ago, sigh... so there was some minor freakage going on but basically it was more like this *_* because I really can't afford one right now, and was happy there wasn't something there that I felt I couldn't live without...

      hope they do another kana one... or that I find one on the secondary... :grin:

      edit, now this unique is just a little killer but a) she's sold out already and b) she's bw. sigh... I want KANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....