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CH Little Jr. size comparisson???

Jun 27, 2007

    1. Hello everyone, I have a question for you.

      I recently bought a CH little Jr. Tera and am finding they are smaller than normal MSDs. I have been making her clothes myself, because I am finding most other regular MSD sized clothing is way too big for her.

      I was wondering if someone knows if the CH little Jr. sizes are close to Unoa, Narae, or something else all together, that way I can find more fitting clothes.

      Me and Sage thank you for your help ^.^!!
    2. As far as I know they can fit Narsha clothing somewhat.
    3. I have a Mars (boy doll) and he's... very petite compared to others. He's slimmer than most dolls and most MSD clothing has to be turned up (trousers) or ruffled up at bit over his hands.

      If you think that the standard MSD is about 45cm, and that CH LJ are 38cm, you'll get an idea. They are very nearly Tinies. Clothing from Customhouse is reasonable, if you get there in time, but also clothes for other slim MSD dolls.

      Note that Amelie Taylor clothing may not fit. I've just found that out after paying for a nice suit for my boy ^^
    4. We consider Little Jr. a tiny now (35cm and less). Check my Tiny Size Chart (see sticky thread in Tiny Dolls section, the link is in the first message of the thread).

      Little Junior's measurements are in there.

      Narae and Narin's measurements are here.

      Have you tried any Friends2BMade "Friends" clothes? Narsha is about the same size as Little Junior and I know someone used Friends2Bmade on her. (note shoes and headgrear will not work, fit varies on all pieces)

      Thread about Friends2BMade clothes

      Here is a thread in Tinies called What Can Little Junior Wear

      Here is a Little Junior in Friends2BMade - looks like the slacks are even the right length. Note - long sleeves in F2BM are even wide on minis.

      Also - If Narin's measurements are close enough - Narin can fit in some Tyler Matt clothes, maybe Little Junior could too (pieces need to have wide enough sleeves for a BJD hand and you'd have to shorten slacks).

    5. I didn't realise that he was classed as a Tiny. So are the girls 35cm? But the boys taller? Hm... Guess I need to say I own a Tiny instead of an MSD now... Still, I'd have thought that he was closer to MSD size than Tinies (other than maybe Joong...)
    6. My roomie has a BC and they arnt really similar in size, so i would think she is more MSD than Tiny. But thank you for your help, your links are very helpful.
    7. The MSD section used to be labeled 40cm and up. The tinies section used to be labeled 27cm and less, and that left a bunch of dolls floating, with threads in both sections. In addition it was a buzzword for plastic dollfie collectors (dolls that aren't on-topic). The mods decided to include 35cm and down in Tinies and changed the subtitle of the tinies section.

      Little Jr. and Narsha are at the top of the tiny size range. There are several tinies from 30-33cm, and then a big group at 26cm-28cm (includes Bambicrony), and lots of smaller ones.

      And re comparative size of tinies - for every tiny, there are smaller ones, until you get down to 9cm.

    8. I always thought CH LJ were 38cm tall though... Well... When I took Ares' measurements that was what I measured him as :sweat Guess I was wrong.
    9. Wow - 38cm is correct for the boys! I just modified my size chart to list the Little Jr. Boy and Girl separately. The measurements I had were apparently for the girl who is 35cm tall.

      So I guess your boy is between Tiny and MSD.

    10. :sweat I guess that's going to cause confusion in the future... I guess he's both.

      However, if we're talking girl dollies here, should this thread be moved to the tiny section?
    11. Thank you ^.^ Ill let the mods know about the confusion in this thread, but i think it is okay here cause we found out that the CH Jr boys are between tiny and MSD. Ill let it up to them to decide. ^.^ thanks again.