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CH special offer for collectors of Lets Petite cards

Jan 11, 2007

    1. http://ainai.com/renew/en/board/notice.php?pos=view&no=320

      "Hello dear friends of Custom House,
      Thank you so much for your love and interest on our AI dolls~

      We thank you for collecting 12 months petite cards during 2006.
      For those who have collected 7 -Yes, it starts with seven cards for more of our customer can have this dream dolls!!- or more of [Let's petite] cards, please contact the Help Desk for further details!

      The entry should have :
      1. who have 7 or more [Let's petite] cards
      2. Your shopping record should remain in the shopping mall or email records.

      *Please remember that you can not use other person's cards.
      You should have your order records in shopping mall/email order under your name.

      This entry will be closed on 4th February, 2007.
      So hurry if you have 7 cards or more and wish to order your dream petite in 410.00$!

      Send your email to: teafairies@yahoo.co.jp
      with the title [Let's petite].

      For more informations, please send your questions to us!
      Thank you for your attention.

      With love,
      Forest of AI."

      - Liz