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CH - Suntan Raphael and Sariel

Mar 30, 2007

    1. Sariel's hands look different from her face (o.o) Discussion thread please?
    2. Gothic petite Ai's and larger Classic ones - I am so doomed!

    3. Classic Ai Sariel looks like a Shinku to me! I might have to start saving!
    4. Para, I hope you are out here! What size is the classic? Little Junior?
    5. Classic Ai Sariel is SO cute! It's neat to see BJDs done in a traditional porcelain doll-style... Can't wait to see more pictures so we can get a better feel for their proportions!
    6. The Classics are to be about Little junior size - at least that is what is says on the photo on the website.

    7. I couldn't resist and I ordered the Tan Thumbelina Sariel a few days ago. She is so cute and she comes with 2 outfits, but I am not sure about the Classic Ai Sariel , it reminds me of a porcelain / bratz big head doll look.

      The problem with Custom House is that they take for ever to ship; I am still waiting for a bunch of petite dolls and some I ordered back in January.

    8. Bwahhh I'm too late (again) and Thumbelina Raphael is sold out! j w j
      Do you know if or when they will have her again?
    9. Once a limited is sold out it is gone- sorry.


      p.s. Occasionally someone cancels an order - keep watching.
    10. I love suntan sariel! So beuatiful... but i want her as petite :(
    11. They are both petites.

    12. am I the only one who loves the vintage ai? :D
    13. No, I like them too - especially Charlotte. I just have no idea how they would fit into my doll family.

    14. aaaah no no, you aren´t I´m totally in love with them. I love how different they are from the other girls I have. And I think they can really fit my family dol very well. I hope to see tons of vintageais in the future :).
    15. I like Odree muchly, but Classic Sariel just stole me away :D I think I may have her on my wishlist... such an interesting type of doll! She looks like a ball-jointed imitation of old porcelain ones!