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Chang Er full set KANA ancient chinese style

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Full set Kana for China Mid-Autumn Festival.Outfit designe by 寒音馆(hanyin guan)which is the most famous group of Hanfu culture.Han means the main nationality of Chinese,fu means clothes.Hanfu together means the clothes in ancient time.It need knowledge of history to make.There are various ancient chinese style doll outfit,but not one is in correct way.no matter sewing or group of things ,Hanfu have its own traditional way that not everyone will know.Each dynasty's clothes have their style and rules to dress,from the inside cloth to the coat,everything need knowledge of that dynasty's culture.This outfit is not made by Angell-Studio.We cooperate with hanyin guan to produce this to you.

      This is the advertising page,in which there's introduction of Mid-Autumn Festival and story of Chang Er,the moon goddess.
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