Update Change in Lin's default face-up and accepting orders now

May 18, 2016

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      Change in Lin's default face-up and accepting orders now!

      Lin's default face-up has been changed!
      From now, the newer version of her face-up is available for order.

      Check out our Lin with her new face-up!

      ◆ Oceanmoon's Premium Face-up Service ◆

      1) Facial Esthetics
      : Complete Removal of any fine dust and air bubbles
      2) Cleaning
      : Complete removal of any trace of removal agent
      (which gets sprayed at the time of duplication manufacture)
      3) Base Coating
      : Application of base coat in the most meticulous manner,
      in order to prevent any possible coloration (due to face-up and such) of head surface
      4) Top Coating
      : Application of top coat in order to preserve the integrity of face-up
      5) Face-up done by the doll's very own designer
      : The designer who originally had worked on the face-up
      (shown in the promotion images) works on the face-up and no one else.

      At Oceanmoon, we do not give duplication face-up job
      (to make it look alike, as the face-up image shown in promotion images) to someone else.
      Of course it is a given; customers have a right to receive
      the same high quality face-up as shown in the promotion images.


      [Sakura-Hime,Lin], the Kimono full-set package is also available for order.
      OCEANMOON puts a lot of handwork and research into creating Kimono,
      and is sure to add brilliance to your collection.

      We are happy present our latest work for your consideration!
      Thank you! :aheartbea

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