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Changed Chiwoo pics again?

Apr 27, 2005

    1. Well... looks like eluts is changing their dolls pictures... and they changed Chiwoo's again...I liked the other ones but... I love this one also! CHIWOOO *___*

      I wonder if they'll change everyone's pics!
    2. I'm betting they update them all, eventually, since they got a new faceup artist.
      They all look GORGEOUS!!
    3. Yea, i noticed they changed the soo special the other day too.
    4. i liked the last chiwoo pic better, he kinda looks like a girl in the new one. i do like the new soo special one though.
    5. yea. i like the last "new" picture too. I really liked the eyes he had in, in the last picture.
    6. ;; Would anyone happen to have the old 'new' picture(s) available? My computer was reformatted and I lost all my Chiwoo pictures. Those were one of my favorites...*poutu*

      But I actually really like the new image! He does look like a girl, but...Chiwoo usually does. I have yet to meet a person new to CP that didn't say, "Oh wow! She's pretty! :D"

      Heh, heh. <3
    7. Oh, that's great! (New Soo special picture, that is)..
      I used to HATE the old Soo special picture (not bashing, I promise, Soo types are my favorite dolls, as evidenced by Shyada); I thought the open-eyed pic with that pigtail wig made her look like an alien.
      The new Chiwoo picture definitely looks like a girl. :P Maybe a different wig would have been better. That's still a great faceup, though.
    8. Dolkot -http://www.dolkot.com/ still has up the older new pics.

      I thought Chiwoo was a girl at first, too. He's so pretty.
    9. wow, if he was on a girl body, i would love the last pic's make-up :D
    10. <3 Yay. Thank you very much.