Rule Update Changes to Marketplace Rules for Group Orders

Dec 1, 2013

    1. The moderation team has noted that some group orders are set up without a specific closing date and some of these have been open for well over a year with no set ordering date. Some of these extremely extended group orders have also collected payments well in advance of the eventual, unstated order date.

      Excessively long waiting periods to purchase doll items not only seems unreasonable and stressful, but also unfairly denies the buyer the protection afforded by credit card and Paypal policies. Therefore, the Marketplace Rules for Group Orders have been amended to state that any group orders started from the 1st of December 2013 on must have a maximum 6-month period from start to finish - from inception to actually placing the order. We understand there is often an additional delay as the company fills and ships the order, which is outside the control of an order host, so this portion of the order process is not included in the six month time frame. The marketplace thread for any hosted order must give a clearly stated closing date and ordering date. Any hosted order thread missing this information will be removed.

      This order date requirement is designed to protect order participants, but participants should also use this information to assess their finances in the present and future before entering into a transaction that could take up to six months, (i.e. can they tie up money in advance payments or keep money aside to pay for their order at sudden notice in the future.)