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Changes to Volks Sumika FCS coming this month! UPDATE!!

Sep 11, 2005

    1. NEW STUFF: Well, here are the results of the Sumika FCS update!

      SD heads:
      F-22 (Kun)
      F-23 (Yori)
      F-24 (Link)

      MSD heads:
      F-14 (Hisui/Kohaku)

      Glass Eyes:
      #26 (Miruiro - a smokey grey)
      #27 (Haimurasaki - a light purple)

      SD Wigs:
      W-100 (Soft wave)
      W-101 (One curl bob)

      MSD Wigs:
      45N (Side ribbon)
      74N (Tate roll long)
      104N (Short shaggy)

      And there you have it!! :)

      PREVIOUS STUFF: While wandering through the Nagoya HT2 Dolpa After Event info on the Japanese Volks site, I came across a note about FCS.

      They say that as of Sept. 18, new heads and new eyes will be added to regular FCS available at all Tenshi no Sumika. Up until that time, the current FCS catalogue will apply. I'm looking forward to seeing what "new" heads they'll add to it! XD

      There may still be hope for those of us who were so thrilled at the thought of the F17 being available at Sumika... but we'll see.
    2. Ooh! Maybe the release of these new heads will come along with the opening of their LA shop?
    3. I'd assume that since they're changing it before the LA store opens that the new FCS will be available there :)
    4. ahhh sweet.
    5. soulabyss > I meant maybe they'd be done at the same time; ie: the new LA store would be opened and the new FCS heads would be revealed at the same time.
    6. meep Ohhh, sorry. :) I think the LA store is opening in October though. New FCS starts this month. (I apologize if I sound like a complete ignoramous x_X)
    7. Oh, that's right. *feels silly* I thought the LA store was opening this month, too.
    8. Latest I've heard is the LA store opening has been pushed to November.
    9. Score! ^______^ That's just a week away!

      I wonder if they'll add a Kun head to the US FCS...
    10. Woohoo! yay Volks!

      That is great news, I can't wait :grin:
    11. *prays* YoSD FCS.... YoSD FCS....
    12. Oh my God. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I seriously doubt it but man XD Maybe a few years from now?
    13. x_x So...curious...
    14. I would die and get like...5. Too bad it's impossible :/
    15. Totally OT but your icon just rocks my toe socks XD

      -Annie love
    16. Mine?
    17. Oooh, sounds promising...
    18. Ohmygod.. Sorry for the one word-ness, but... EEEE!!! I bet they'll be making the current Satos into Sumikas - or what if they're making all new ones for Sumika? Or what if they add an SD Mika to the Sumika FCS. (a girl can dream) o_o; Sorry, I'm just too excited! I want to know now! ^.^!

      Edit: I just noticed that this will be released between the two After Event Days. ^_^
    19. Oh awesome! Now I wonder just what they'll have that's new. Too bad we have to wait to find out. lol
    20. Volks just -looooooves- messing with us. XDD

      *coughANAISHEADcough* @__@