Changes to You Tube in 2020 and its impact for doll & craft content

Sep 20, 2019

    1. Heads up. I just saw this video on You tube by Nerd E jackie who talks about how after January 2020 a new algorythum anyone viewing child appealing content they count u as a child viewer and kill your ability to comment and also block ads so content creators won't be allowed monetised ads. channels of things like wine n dollies etc are likely to be impacted. but pls watch as it also has tags might be hit and have colours in your banner n thumbnails can all flag your channel as a 'kid appealing' and targeted by the algorythum. It sounds like it will also impact you just for watching them. Im not explaining this very well. pls watch the video.
      This isn't my video and not sure of the rules on this but as it sounds like it will really affect you if you are a content creator for You Tube or wach doll themed videos watch out after January.
      You Tube new rules after 2020
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    2. @Lavily something to consider for the channel :) though I think you should be ok :huh?:
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    3. Yeah I unfortunately have already been made aware of this. It's ridiculous honestly. Hoping I'll be okay, but I will be taking precautions. Thanks for thinking of me <3
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    4. This could be a very bad thing for the hobby outside YouTube as well. If BJD videos are targeted towards or recommended for children, there will be a lot of uninformed parents shopping for the cheapest BJDs on the market...
    5. Some of the face-up and repaint artist have already expressed concerns. I know Froggy has already stated she'll no longer do play videos and stick with miniatures.

      I've already come across this in a few unboxing videos. Parents asking where they can get dolls for their kid:/ I'm hoping they either buy Night Lolita, or change their mind once they see the prices and wait times. Worst fear they buy recasts.
    6. Maybe people could put a note on the video stating these dolls are meant for ages 15+ and are art dolls, not toys? That due to resin, faceup materials, mechanics/pinching between joints and small parts, they're actually unsafe for small children? Of course, that still wouldn't stop a lot of parents. :( And yeah, I imagine most of them would be looking on Amazon and ebay for the best "bargains".... Or if they really do want the experience of a bjd for a little kid, maybe start with an ABS Hujoo or something.