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Changing bodies...

May 5, 2017

    1. Has anyone else had a doll for a while and just decided to change their body? I know a lot of people say minimee sculpts look bobble headed, and one of mine badly fitted that. I did try to get used to it, but he just looked wrong. I've just switched his body over to an impldoll body (thicker neck, broader shoulders) and no more bobble head! Problem is, now none of his clothes fit, except for the world's tightest trousers.

      So rambling aside, has anyone else just had to change bodies? What did you do with the old one?
    2. I haven't done it yet, but as soon as I can afford a new body, I'll try to sell my girl's current one. I'm not trying to sell it yet because I prefer at least having her around with a body and not just a floating head. I'm afraid I might have the same problem as yours with the clothes, but the other way around because the body I want to get is slimmer and a bit shorter, so I'll have to work on all her clothes to make them fit properly. You could try to sell your old clothes, that's what I would do at least.
    3. That's a good idea to maybe use the body for other floating heads. Luckily I have othe boys who can wear the old clothes. Problem is a new outfit just cost me $119! :nowords: So May's BJD budget is gone already. (Okay, he didn't need braces and socks and everything but... Y'know, I want him to look good. XD)
    4. Yup. My favorite guy has switched bodies twice now, first because his original body didn't pose the way I wanted it to (he went on a 70cm body that did) and then again because a body became available in his original size range from the company that made his awesome 2nd body, so now he's easier to shop for again.

      His original body was sold, his second body went to another doll in my collection. Changing sizes does make wardrobe a pain, but that's part of why my boy switched back, to make it easier!
    5. Oh, let's see....Kier is on his second body, Jack is on his second body, Michael is on his second body. Dhani is on his THIRD body!

      In most cases, I started out with young preteen/teen characters, then had them "grow up" over the years. With Michael, I had stuck his head on a body I already owned, and it was terrible, so I changed it. With Dhani, his first body was bobbleheaded. His second was good looking, but posed horribly. His current is great--it looks good, fits well, and poses nicely.

      Usually, I sell a body after I change it, but if it's a nice body and just not fitting for the character, I might hang onto it and buy a head for it in the future. I've also reshelled many of my dolls entirely (Parker, Justin, Luc, Hailey, Jack...) and I always sell the old shell because it reminds me too much of my character to reuse it, but it's still too "wrong" to keep it.
    6. Yes, I just did it this week. I sold a head, so I had a headless body that I really like, aaaaand I had another doll in a similar skin tone who I love the head, but don't really like the body. Just put them both together, right? Well, yes I did, but it was a long shot as the body is a Doll Chateau msd (k-02) and the head is a Doll Family -A Hu Xiaodao which is technically SD size but comes on a 'big baby' style 30cm body. Not a hybrid I would have ever planned, but I'm thrilled it worked out. Me soooo lucky, my favorite body and head together on one doll! Of course not everyone will agree due to personal aesthetics, but that is what makes this hobby so much fun. Everyone has their own ideals of dolly beauty and we share our ideas, which lead to more inspiration, and more awesome hybrids!
    7. I've gotten a doll from one company specifically for the head (which wasn't available separately) and I've gotten a doll from a different company specifically for the body. I thought I would keep the extra body to use with potential floating heads, but I ended up not liking its aesthetic, so I sold it. I think it all worked out well. :)
    8. I've done it more than once. With my first doll, I decided after quite some time that I wanted him to be shorter. I still have his first body, sold the second, and he's on the third. I'm planning to get a new head for the first one, because I do like it (just not on him).

      The second was a minimee who looked wrong on his first body. I sold the first one... Then replaced his head anyway.

      And with the third, I wanted a more fantasy type body, so I listed the original for sale... Then realized I liked it and bought a new head for it instead!