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Changing your doll's name

May 16, 2006

    1. Just curious if anyone has changed their doll's name after having them a few months. I know ultimately its personal choice but I'm curious. I've been thinking I want to change Erianthe's name, but then I keep thinking I shouldnt because its her name, the one I gave her and have been calling her for a few months. I dunno I blame it on being a Libra... we have a hard time making decisions. Any thoughts?
    2. After having Malach for about a month and a half I added to his name. He now has a middle and a surname, he had neither at first.
    3. Well, people can change their own names if it doesn't suit them (I keep saying I'm going to get around to changing mine one day, and the only ones who use my birth name are my family), so... I've actually toyed with changing Chy's, because I honestly thought his was something I'd made up - but I Googled it one day on a lark, and got results. This displeased me. I know I'll never do it, though, just because it feels too weird now. But I don't see anything wrong with the concept in general.
    4. Victoria's name was Naoki when I first got him. It wasn't until a month or two later, in his new wig, and he finallly became "Victoria". I didn't feel bad about changing it because that was his real name. One of them, anyways. The other is his "true name" which I found out later.
    5. Caleb's name was Salvatore at first, but I since my friend still calls him Sal I made it his middle name.

      I had a character in a story I had written named Caleb, and his personality kept sticking so I renamed him.
    6. I havn;t changed Mikos's name, or Edward's, but there's a fair chance that my Juri, Goblin, will get a name change. After all, calling her goblin is kind of like her calling us 'human'....
    7. Well, for the moment Millet and Yorkshire are hesitant names. When I get them, the names will either click, or they won't. But, I can't be calling them 'girl doll' and 'boy doll' when I look over items that may fit them. And at worse, they'll make easy last names. X3
    8. I changed Winter's name at first. I tried his first name only for a week before I realized that Winter was his name and he would stick to it. x___x And Gage has been Gage ever since I had plans of a Hewitt 2. But my fourth doll has 3 names, partly because I couldn't decide and partly because it actually fits with his character. His real name, his middle name (which most people call him) and his work name. ^__^ I don't think it's odd at all to change a doll's name if you feel it is for the best.
    9. I don't see anything wrong with changing names...it seems weird at first because you have to switch gears, but if the new name is ultimately something that fits the doll better then it should be changed. I changed the names of my goldfish three times before I finally settled on something. ^^
    10. Wow.. this is the thread for me heh. Personally I think that if it's your doll you should be able to change the name whenever you feel like it.. but that's just me.. and I am also extremely indecisive. :<

      Cherish was first named Lilith.. but I changed it on a whim... and I still don't like Cherish that much... I just can't find a name that I like at all.. I feel bad changing her name because I am afraid everyone is used to it... but really.. I just dunno. My unoa's identity has been plaguing me since I first got her.. and I keep wondering if I should change her name to the name I had originally intended for her or what..

      Oh well...! Hopefully one of these days I can settle on a name.. but I hope no one grows too fond of 'Cherish' because I am REALLY fickle. ^^;
    11. The only name change I can see myself making to either of mine now is to add on a surname, which they desperately need and conspicuously lack.

      Now, once I get Weylin... He has a habit of collecting names and believes they are all quite interchangable. The only reason he even settled on Weylin is because Adrienne and I insisted on having something to consistently call him!
    12. i dont want to change his name, because i like it. but sometimes i come across a name, and i'm like, gee, that's a nice one too wish i thought of it earlier. but then i'll think i'd just use that name for my new doll instead xDD
    13. If changing your doll's name is what you want to do go for it. If the name doesn't suit the character and there's another one that suits better there is no harm in it, thankfully mine haven't wanted any name changes as of yet, but usually I wait until the doll is firmly in my grasp before I say "this is your name"--sometimes they might want to argue (as in sometimes if you want to call someone Fred they just don't look like a Fred they look like a Jim *shrugs*--although I actually dislike both of those names, they're just examples ^_^ )
    14. Ugh, I want to change the name of one of my dolls at the moment, but I can't think of anything that suits her now -.- She's not the character she was supposed to originally be (that doll is coming home in the future in 60cm form), so now she has a totally new style, but *no* name! I keep calling her Sky out of habit, but she's not Sky! >_<
    15. I think it's cool: Bellina was originally Antimony Bellina, but she shortened her name to just Bellina. It seemed to be a better match.
    16. This is an interesting topic and very timely for me! The names of my dolls are important as far as who the doll is "paired" with. If I get another doll that makes a better mate for a particular doll and the pair of names go together, what do I do?? I've also done the opposite -- I've sold a doll and used the same name for the doll's replacement. Does this make sense, or is it just me?!?!

    17. I couldn't change my dolls' names if I tried XD When names stick, they stick hard. Sometimes I think Sal's full name sounds strange, but I'll never change it, because it's his name XD And he's an angel, so he can get away with a weird name.
    18. I added to Shinobu Jaden's name after I figured out the details of his background story - originally, his name was just Shinobu.

      A total name change was Conny Luna... at first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the Xiao head (it was not planned, came with Kotoko's body), and called her Hay Lin after my favourite character from the W.I.T.C.H. comic books. But as her character developed, I figured out the name she was really supposed to have.
    19. after have yori for a little less than 2 months, i added to his name
      he now has a surname and his first name was extended
      yori -> yoriko = not much change

      but i think it's personal choice, change the name if you see fit ^^
    20. I love my boy, but I have had serious thoughts about changing his name. Essentially though I have, because I've knocked off the "rai" from "raitaro" and now everyone just knows him as "taro".

      Although any serious change to his name isn't likely to happen. To me that would make him different to who he is now somehow. I tend to compare him to those children of movie stars or hippies with unfortunate names that they're stuck with forever hahaha. :roll: It may not be the best name, but it's HIS name. :arainclou