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Chantal - Souldoll Zenith Girl!

Dec 4, 2009

    1. http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1896

      I think I might just faint. She is a stunner. And it looks like a human and a nonhuman form are coming -- if this girl is multi-armed in her nonhuman form... oh, I can feel the brokeness coming on hard.

      Most stunning girl I've seen from them, IMHO. Just amazing.
    2. she s incredible !!!the only thing i don't really like is her name which sounds "old" in french
      i imagine multi arms too ! OMG
    3. If it's multi-arms, I'm doomed for both versions.

      Souldoll got a chunk of my money last night, and the moment I have more... that girl is coming home. I literally gasped outright. I'm sayin' it with a straight face: I have never fallen so hard for a doll in my life. That face just takes my breath away. I sat there gaping. Just... wow. WOW. -WOW-.
    4. still paying of galena and celina. zomg, cannot afford anything else atm, if I had well, what can i say, she is gorgeous!
    5. btw she is not limited right?
    6. Doesn't say either way yet -- but I hope she's like chiron and not limited. I really really really hope.
    7. i hope too ^^ and hope they will show the body better very soon
    8. I highly doubt she would be, souldoll tend to not do limiteds much these days.

      I'm glad to see them finally make a Zenith girl. I think I'm more in love with the outfit than the girl itself! XD
    9. I have been waiting for her for a while and she is very gorgeous... not for me, but lovely.
    10. She's really beautiful and a bit different than other souldoll girl^0^ I wish Souldoll would release tan skin version of Chantal that would perfect with her sari dress. Is her hand would be as huge as Chiron?
    11. She is gorgeousssss! Reminds me of a grown up Half-elf! Can't wait to see her nonhuman form!
    12. Can't wait on non-human form either! If she does actually have the multiple arms that would be so cool..
    13. Wow.. agreed with the majority of the statements above, she's absolutely wonderful... If I could afford her, I definitely would. Damn you, Christmas shopping!
    14. I'm actually really interested to find out more about the body - especially her height! I'm always on the lookout for good tall girl bodies. ;)
    15. Ohhhh! Body pics please, like sixpence I am always looking for taller girl bodies!!
    16. Beautiful face, can't wait to see the rest.
    17. First impression is DoD Shall. But I adore souldoll bodies! PErfect package I guess. If only she were bright blue...
    18. Gorgeous. But begs the question.....what is the nonhuman version?
    19. :o....:D oh my gosh she's glorious! Do we know when she'll go on sale and will she be around the same price as chiron human version? OoO

      she's seriously the first doll I really want the default of...O.O...woah
    20. Oh wow I can't wait to see that body... *crosses fingers* She looks absolutely stunning, I'm in love. AND POOR. ;o; But wow. And that outfit...