Character Dolls (based on fictional or other preexisting characters)

Aug 2, 2006

  1. Yes! I have one or more character doll/s!

  2. No, but I have serious plans to someday!

  3. No, and I have no plans or desire to.

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    1. I was wondering how many people actually own a character doll. Not original characters, but characters based off someone else's book, manga, movie, game, etc., like Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean. I see that it isn't done too often at all, and I am aware the reasons, yes: originality is the bottom line of this hobby, I know. Still, I see it as a cute, harmless tribute, and it seems like it'd be really fun to do.

      So! The poll! Do you own a doll based off a character other than your own? It'd be cool if owners would post which character, too :) Or, do you have serious plans to do it: "serious" as in you would/will should finances provide the opportunity.

      If this has been covered, of course, mods can delete it.
    2. I have plans to someday make an Aoi Karin doll if funds and my fiancé permit it that and I have to find the perfect wig *_*
    3. I wouldn't want a doll that was *permanently* a certain character, as this would limit what I could do with that doll costume and personality-wise, but I like making doll cosplay.
    4. Well, I do have a doll modeled after Mana of Malice Mizer/MDM and others for many non-original character but they're not a bjds... so someday I plan to do a few BJD-ified... specifically Mana :3. But when I choose dolls I like I kind of already decide what pre-existing character they might look good as, so someday I can make up that costume... so my doll can.. cosplay xD? As another character ^^.
    5. I do have future plans to own a doll based off of a younger version of Mary Carson from the mini series the Thorn Birds, though at the moment I'm having a hard time finding the perfect mold for her. :sweat She will most likely be my only character doll, as I like to invent my own original characters. ^^
    6. I have a Miyavi Doll if rock stars count... ^^;
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    7. I'm currently working on a doll based on Yoshitaka Amano's designs for the little girl in Mamoru Oshii's Tenshi no Tamago (Angel's Egg).
    8. No, i have to many my orginal characters and too many new ideas :P...
    9. One of my future dolls will be very heavily based (or let's just say he will be this character) on the character, Nishizono Tetora from the manga, MPD Psycho. I might also have another doll, based on the character, Wanijima Akito/Agito from Air Gear, though I'm not too sure. :/
    10. I plan on getting an AR Cien and modding his eyes just a bit...he'll be Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho ^_^
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    12. I would adore having a chiyo-chan from azumanga daioh doll. :)
    13. My unoa looks like Bettie Page (love BP!) , so I guess she is a character. ~~Lin
    14. My Mini Fee is based on a character from the manga/anime Prince of Tennis. :) But though I've used the name and general personality, she is not supposed to be that exact character -- she's more like a very "alternate universe" version of him. ^_~
    15. My Nightengale is based on a fairly obscure character from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de... a creature called Nue. Tien Jen also has quite a lot of D from Petshop of Horrors in him. :)
    16. Riku is Riku! *points to sig* Hopefully next year I will have Sora as well and, although I dislike Kairi, I am working on a Kairi cosplay for Dee!
    17. I own two character dolls, they are supposed to be the character they are based on at all times. My YoSD Piccolo is Uchiha Itachi from Naruto who just happens to be stuck in a little chibi body, and I am working on making him a matching Kisame since I rather hate breaking up my OTPs. My Tohya is Oshitari Yuushi of Prince of Tennis fame.

      I don't find the fact that they are not based on my characters limiting in the least, after all, your own original characters have parameters that you set and follow as well. It's no different. I view my dolls as three dimensional fanart and even if one is not in his Akatsuki uniform at all times or the other in his tennis gear, he's still the character. They are just as versatile as any doll based on someone's original character.

      As for originality, just as much work is put into designing and creating a character doll as any other doll, so I fail to see why there would be a creative stigma attached to it. Unless, of course, there are elitist issues that arise that are along the same lines as original fiction vs. fanfiction, which is a whole other debate.
    18. My plans are to own an Edward Elric in the near future. ^^; He's gonna be a MNF Shiwoo, but he's going to be a lot of work. Lots of modding is going to take place. xD

      I think, that when you're adding something more to what someone else has created, you love it just as much as something that is original. So I don't view it as any different.
    19. My Yukinojo is based on a Historical noble who lived during the Renaissance. Does this count?

      Yay! Kasviel says he counts so here's a quick pic!

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    20. Quatre is based off of Gundam Wings Quarte Raberba Winner
      but kinda not really he's his own >>
      Lets just say if GW Quatre had a evil (ok not really just a really just misbehaved) twin brother with the same name as him
      *looks around and runs off*