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Charity Auction: Limhwa Limho Mano X-treme by X-Treme Dolls & Limhwa international

Jan 15, 2008


      a charity auction to benefit international childrens' charity "Save the Children", an important organization helping children worldwide in poverty and at risk.


      Presented by X-Treme Dolls, USA & Limhwa Doll international

      Artwork and styling by the fabulous Cristy Stone

      Fantasy Runway & Silent Auction
      held by IDEX Shows

      Orlando, Florida, USA
      Saturday, January 26, 2008
      6:00 - 9:30 pm
      Limhwa Limho Mano will be live on stage, portrayed by doll artist Gregg Ortiz. Gregg will appear onstage in a human-sized version of Cristy Stone's Mano X-Treme costume.
      It will be the first time an Asian-styled BJD has been featured in such a high profile doll industry event.

      You can participate!
      Send your bids to manoauction@limhwa.com
      by January 23, 2008

      Please include your name, address, phone number, and high bid. We will contact you if you send us the highest bid. Your bid will be entered during the charity event as a proxy bid.

      If your proxy bid is the winning highest bid for the doll, you will be contacted by the event organizer to make arrangements for payment and delivery. Limhwa international and X-Treme Dolls will not accept any payments, nor can we bid beyond your proxy bid amount at the event.

      About Limho Mano X-Treme

      Mano X-Treme has received a custom one-of-a-kind faceup with airbrush and airbrush paints, applied lashes and satin lips. He has also received an edgy ear-weave with a masculine dangling cross. His body has been blushed and sealed.


      His outfit begins with a knit toboggan, black mohair wig, and a corduroy hooded jacket with silk patterned lining. The jacket also has an embroidered dragon on the front with an embroidery symbol on the back. The ensemble has a layered look to change with his personality, including a long sleeved cotton snap down shirt, and knit skull tee shirt. The boot-cut jeans are fitted, with zipper front and working pockets. They have embroidered top-stitching to complete the look. Brown cowboy boots are the perfect final touch for Mano X-treme.

      Thank you for supporting Save the Children!

      Limhwa Doll international

      X-Treme Dolls by Cristy Stone

      The Limhwa pre-order will open up later this month, but we don't yet know the time. We will post info when we have it. Please don't ask about it in this news thread. Thanks.
    2. Catrina, may I ask which resin the auction Mano is (french or urethane)? Thanks!
    3. He is a beige urethane.