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Charles' Crature Cabinet- 11cm Cherub Boy- Discussion Thread

Feb 26, 2009

    1. Hey guys!
      Just wanted to post this up~
      Charles has announced a new doll that we will be able to purchase a bit later this Spring- A tiny Cherub!
      He is only 11cm tall and is the cutest little Cherub ever!
      News thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=275059
      I can't wait to see owner pics when he comes out!

    2. there actually was already a thread here
    3. yes I started that, but we can go on and discus him here.
      I think he is very special, I really like the nose and the boy parts:)
      so if I buy him he will stay naked with just some nice white hair on his head, sleeping in a birdsnest:D perhaps my fauns should dance around him:)
      O I am dreaming sorry, first have to save more money, because I still want to buy the fourth faun and then this little cherub.....But I just got some lovely:...( bills I have to pay...:(
      we will see, tomorrow I am going to make pictures of my maggie iacono doll and I will sell her on ebay, she is worth a lot of money, but I am not so attached to her anymore. then I can buy them both....:aheartbea
    4. Oh me, this is it! I must has this one!:XD: Is he for sale yet? *runs off to Charles' website to see*
    5. If this is in line with the quality and look of Charles' other creations, this must certainly be a winner!!
      He looks very sweet and innocent...

      More pictures please!!
    6. Oh, he is just gorgeous.. I have to congratulate Charles on this incredible little boy, he's a must have for me:D My birthday is coming up, I may just have to bring him home as a present to myself!:XD:
    7. He's really really beautiful! And I love the resin. Nice to see a BJD with a penis. I do not own male dolls so I have no idea if they are anatomically correct too:blush
    8. Yes, I agree:aheartbea He is just beautiful and its wonderful to see he is so detailed:D Many male dolls do in fact have penises but among tinies it is less so from what I have seen. Also when they do have penises, they are not as detailed so I appreciate Charles' efforts to be authentic with this little guy:D
    9. he is cute, but did you see the latest news ???
      I just had to order the fourth faun, because she needs to be with the others, and the new little baby mermaid umiko:aheartbea:aheartbea, so sweet.
      so they will all ship together soon!!
      I already have put some money aside to save for cherub angel,:D
    10. Its been so long and still no word on the Cherub! I contacted CCC this morning to find out whether they plan to release this fantastic little boy. I really want him!:aheartbea I will update here once I receive a reply:D
    11. It is appalling to see what so many customers went through, I am shocked:( Thank you for pointing me toward that thread, Clochette I truly appreciate it. I am indeed lucky to have dodged that bullet. I doubt at this point that I will receive an answer and I'm not concerned. I would have loved this boy but there is no way I can trust this company. So sad and such a shame.
    12. Wow. That body looks very, very familiar. o_o
    13. Does it? I'm interested to know where you've seen it before.