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Charles' Creature Cabinet MoMo & YuYu (moles)

Jul 6, 2009

    1. Dear DoA,

      We've got some very exciting news to share with you; we plan to release a new anthro ball jointed doll (14cm, Tiny) from our "Land of Wonders" line very soon! Please meet MoMo & Yuki ("YuYu") Bouhatei, two little moles, friends of BuBu Odoroki.

      Together with this release of MoMo & YuYu we also planned an Exclusive "Surprise" Limited Edition release ~ only 10ea ~
      so please don't miss out and stay tuned :-)



      We hope you'll love Charles' new creatures and we are very thankful for your support.

      Wishing you an enchanted day!

      CCC Staff/Team
    2. Dear Kurr,
      Thank you! It's the real resin color. MoMo is casted in dark greyish-brownish and YuYu is casted in white opaque.
      Take care,
    3. Hi Everyone!

      Listings/new pictures of the moles MoMo & Yuki (YuYu) Bouhatei are online now ;-)


      Hoping on your love and support, it's much appreciated as always!

      Have a wonderful day,
      CCC Staff/Team
    4. Hi Maankatje,
      Thank you for loving the moles :)
      They are limited editions of 25ea grey MoMo and 25ea white Yuki :)
      Take care,
    5. [​IMG]

      Dear Bamna and everyone!

      The little moles MoMo & Yuki (YuYu) Bouhatei have been released a few minutes ago; July 6, 2009 (LE 25ea).

      AND an Exclusive surprise release of only 10 LE of Sleeping/Dreaming BuBu Odoroki :)

      Thanks for your love and support!
      Take care,
    6. They are indeed very cute Charles :) Do you have any photos of the body?
    7. Hi Everyone!

      Just wanted to update this thread with some more info on the 2 cute little Moles. :aheartbea

      MoMo and Yuki Bohatei are available as a set for $529.00 USD. This is not a separate listing but an additional option. :)


      Thanks so much for your support!

      If you run across any problems or difficulties using the site or during checkout you can also contact me at admin [at] charlescreaturecabinet [dot] com and I'll try and help you solve it asap!


    8. Hi Julia! :)
      Thank you so much, pictures of the body of the moles can be seen in the discussion thread and in the Charles' Creature Cabinet Flickr Pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/883343@N25/pool/

      Take care,
    9. Hi Grael,
      Yes they can, in fact Yuki is wearing regular on these pics.
      Thanks much,
    10. Thank you MiyaDoru,
      The moles MoMo & Yuki have 14mm (inside the head/eye opening). MoMo is casted in dark grey with a hint of dark brown. Thank you so much for loving them :-)
    11. Hi Charles, would you have any photos of the moles and fairies together by chance