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Charles Creature Cabinet Princess KABA Hippo Discussion Part 1

Aug 10, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Another picture of her was just posted by C-man. She's so cuuute! x3
    2. Sold out or not up for sale yet?
    3. Not up for sale yet. But all of her picture are up. She really is adorable! I might have to bring her home.
    4. She should be available around 11 a.m. EDST if I've calculated right! Oh my! Like she isn't pretty enough on her own, that one dress with the layers is extra adorable! She looks like a glamorous movie star hippo! LOL! :aheartbea
    5. No one mentioned that she is exactly like Moomintroll from books of Tove Jansson. It was female character of Snork Maiden there...
    6. I love her, but shes an anthro! :( Can't really see her fitting in?! Her ears are to die for!
    7. I did it, ordered one, awww she's so cute, now the waiting begins... :-)
    8. Done...I ordered her too....with the better face up.....but oh....the wait is so long to see her in person!!! Oh well.....worth the wait...she is adorable....and I have loved hippos for so long!!!
      Charles....do you have a picture of the non-default face-up?
    9. Yes! I ordered her this morning! I do not usually like anthtros much, but I love her and that little chubbiness she has, too! Maybe it is just left over from my childhood. I used to love Petunia, the pink hippo on New Zoo Revue. Now I can have my own tiny hippo. :)
    10. Thank you all so much to those who ordered her and/or simply love her :) RoseAnn, we do not have any pictures yet of the special Sweetly Twisted face-up. As soon as we do have these, we will update you. Thanks much :)
    11. I had to get her, she's so cute :aheartbea I'm surprised she's not sold out yet. I wonder how many there are?
    12. And me! She is going to be a fairy hippo, thus explaining her diminutive size! Plus, that way she'll be able to live with the rest of my faeries, brownies and assorted other fae.
    13. OMG I love love love her!!!!!
      She is coming home. Nuff said:aheartbea
    14. I love him¡¡ I want one¡¡¡
    15. That is so funny I was just thinking what would I name her if she were mine and I thought OH Moomin!!

      Yes very much like a moomin! Moomin was not an actual hippo as Moomin had a long tail that looked like a lion tail but you can see the Moomin artist totally took a hippo and stuck a lion tail on there :)

    16. How very cute now she looks a different color I know you listed her as purple lilac

      I do like that pinky tan color! does she really look that color or is that just a color change by the camera?
    17. Dear Treelore,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Actually her resin color is kinda hard to capture, and 'changes' in resin color is mainly due to which time of the day (light changes) the picture is taken... These shots were taken at the end of the day and the resin seem 'softer' and more pink indeed. Her official listing is 'lilac/grey'. Sorry, I realize my answer probably isn't helping much, you should see it in person ;)
      Wishing you a wonderful day!
    18. Oh my gosh! She is just so precious! I can't wait until our's starts living with us! She is going to be a lot of fun to have around!