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Charles Creature Cabinet Yoshi discussion part 1

Oct 19, 2008

    1. WOW ..dare to be different ...I am so haveing a Yoshi
      ...and trying to scrat up pennies for a Boneka Kayu
      I LOVE fantasy ..love tiny and love different
      Charles has certainly done that

      I cant wait untill my little Yoshi comes home the resin looks beautiful :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      .....Mod Notes....
      DoA Wiki Charles Creature Cabinet:

      Company Website:

      More Info from Charles on his Blog:

      Photo Group OF CCC:

      Charles Creature Cabinet Yoshi discussion part 1:
    2. Thanks all for your kind words, especially Tinybear!

      Btw I really understand the comments about the prices. But please keep in mind these are true unique artist/designer dolls, next to ball jointed dolls.
      The dolls are almost 100% self-made by the artist (me), from character design to 1st prototype sculpt. The dolls are manufactured in Indonesia which means additional shipping costs for us. All dolls are hand-painted = body blushed + face up by the artist (me), so these are quit some hours put in for just one doll.

      Furthermore, next to a 'collector item doll' you are really getting a top quality product, awesome resin (with unique Asian skin tone colour) and beautiful wooden box packaging amongst other items included in the full set.

      PS Smaller in doll size does not necessarily mean it will be less expensive, it's not just the production costs but also the many hours spent on the making of just one doll that plays a big role.

      If you'd like to know more please feel free to ask here or via our online contact-form on http://main.charlescreaturecabinet.com/?page_id=24

      If you like to stay tuned on CCC's (future) product release please register for a free membership at http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/

      Thanks all for your interest!
    3. Only Yoshi is on-topic for DoA :)
    4. No problem Valli, it's a bit confusing you're right. Kayu full set can either be orange (hand-painted with soft pastels) or white/grey (hand-painted with acrylic), whatever the customer prefers, so you get to choose yourself. Hope this helps... Thanks for your continious interest, it's much appreciated ^^*
    5. [​IMG]

      Two faeries enjoying the sun...
      Tinybear's Moona and CCC's Yoshi The Woodling Faerie
    6. A little more pic spam Faeries & Piggies in a box:


      Tinybear's Moona, CCC's Yoshi and Kayu, Alice and Julia Cherry Blossom
    7. (Pics of Yoshi, Kayu and Puki) That would be great Wilkies and yes the clay "grace" is pretty amazing stuff for the accessories. And to be really honest the color and the resin is even more beautiful in real life, such a wonderful texture, nice feel too.
      At Calliope13, sorry 'bout the pics, I don't know why that is... Please find these pics over here too http://charles-stephan.blogspot.com/
      And uhmm, I agree your Ian most definitely needs more new friends ;-)
    8. Hi everyone! I'm mEda, marketing manager of Charle's Creature Cabinet. I just wanted to drop in and thank everyone for their love and support for The Woodlings! It is such a special project to all of us at CCC. :) We look forward to bringing lots more Enchanted characters and Woodling faeries to you in the near future!

      That's really weird! I can't seem to see the photos either! Are they all linked from Flickr?
    9. Thank you so much Eiko82! If you want to be one of the 1st to know of our future creature releases you could sign up as a member of CCC via http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com/ (it's free) so you'll receive our newsletter and updates automatically.

      Thanks again and take care!
      Charles ^^*
    10. Hello everyone,

      Their will be a new sub gallery on our CCC website soon, with the background stories of the creatures in it. We'll start with the bg story of The Woodlings and it will explain why Yoshi has that swirly thingy on her forehead as well ;-)

      Thanks for taking the time to read and see it,


    11. Thank you so much Wilkies! Your sweet comments and great compliments are very much appreciated. Take care,

    12. Exclusive "Hime Yuki" (Snow Princess) Outfit for Deer Faith, modeled by Yoshi
      - hand made by Lin Murasaki Design -



      Thanks much for your love and support!
      CCC Staff/team
    13. my Little Moon

    14. [​IMG]



      Just a little pic spamming here ;-)
    15. Here are two quick pictures of my Yoshi and Kayu!!
      In the haste of making the pictures I didn't notice that Yoshi's leg was standing in a weird position ha ha :lol:



      I am sooo smitten about them!!
    16. Just some fun I had this X-mas, taking Yoshi and Kayu through the house... see how they like X-mas!!