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Charles' Creature Cabinet

Sep 15, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      CHARLES' CREATURE CABINET http://www.charles-stephan.com/ OPENING SOON!

      Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is a sole proprietorship company / arts and crafts studio founded in Autumn 2008. It officially opened its doors this September. We want to offer our customers 100% handmade art and crafts, unique and high quality collectable artist toys: Asian ball jointed dolls, designer toys and character dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is Charles Stephan’s dream studio from design to manufacturing operated in The Netherlands.

      Our Indonesian mini factory is equipped to manufacture small runs of limited editions. Thus ensuring of no mass production but limited runs of unique toys and dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet is not only dedicated to bring you a high quality product but also a wonderful and unique little piece of art.

      Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Registration number 24442325
    2. [​IMG]

      Hello Everyone!

      Here's finally a 1st picture of Yoshi & Kayu
      Just one more week before the official release, next Full Moon / Luna Night October 14, 2008

    3. Full Moon / Luna Night is coming October, 14 ’08, next Tuesday. On this magical night the two very first Dutch ball jointed dolls The Woodling Faeries will be launched by Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com/. The Woodling Faeries are creations of artist Charles Stephan, the creator/designer of Alice Cherry Blossom & family. It’s the release date of Yoshi, The Woodling Faerie (size Tiny BJD) and her enchanted ‘wooden’ piggydoll Boneka Kayu (size Micro BJD).

      On October 17 and 18 Yoshi and Kayu will be shown for the very 1st time physically to the public at the display cabinet of Triskel Fantasy Shop (Dutch online ball jointed doll web shop) during one of the biggest Doll’s and Bears Con’s of Europe (Internationale Poppen en Berenbeurs - Niesje Wolters) http://www.niesjewolters.nl/ in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Charles will attend this con on Friday October 17 (10.00 – 17.00 pm), he can be found for a meet & greet at the stand of Triskel Fantasy Shop
    4. Quick question..On October 14th when you launch Yoshi & Kayu for sale, will they be available just for that day? Or is it until all 75 go, even if it takes 2 days? i know thats an odd question, sorry. Will you start selling them Oct 14th @ 1am, or which hour will they be available? How much is shipping to the unites states? And lastly can one buyer purchase more then 1?
    5. Hello Miomo,
      We will start selling them when the Full Moon is up, so probably round 22.00 pm (European time zone). We will keep selling 'til 75 (total 150 Yoshi + Kayu) are all sold. The shipping fee from Europe to US will be around 20 USD per unit. About more than one unit (full package)... on the 14th there is a limit of maximum 2 units per customer.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Take care,