Charm Doll BB Discussion

Sep 22, 2017

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    1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone else ordered a tiny for Charm Doll. I actually ordered an Emory in french tan resin through Alice's Collections last month. I'm really excited!
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    2. I just ordered a Daisy in Normal pink resin. I'm getting excited as well; now it is time to play the waiting game:)
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    3. Hi again! Just a quick update: I just got a shipping notice for my Emory in tan skin from Alice's Collections. I ordered on September 11th. I'll be sure to post pictures here when he arrives:whee:. I already want to order another!
    4. I plan on buying a Daisy doll this month, she's going to be my very first bjd!
    5. Have you guys noticed that Charm doll came out with a new BB? Their name is Michelle

      Michelle_♂_CD-BB_Charmdoll_Charm Doll


      They have a really Baby face, and they feature a new pair of hands! The heart hands are so cute ; 3 ;
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    6. Daisy is a really sweet sculpt. I almost got her when I ordered from them last year. My Charm Doll Emory was my second doll bought but the first to arrive. I really love the look of their dolls, I just wish their tan resin was a bit darker. Though if they were to go on sale again I'd pick up a Curry in tan very quickly!
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    7. Do you have any photos of your Emory doll?
    8. The 1/6 sized body from Charm Doll is good!
    9. Hi! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've never uploaded a picture before so I had to learn a new skill. I've been waffling bout what colour and brand of wig to get him so he's still going without. I'm not sure if I should warn for dolly nudity here.

      [​IMG]image1[/url] by Shaniqua Brown, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    10. Do you know if Michelle comes with the binky shown in the photos?
    11. Answer to my own question (in case anyone is curious too). I reached out to Alice Collections and asked. The pacifier is just a prop they use for photos and is not included.
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    12. Hi everyone! Will be ordering Charm Doll Anthee and Michelle this month.. i will make a full payment for Anthee, while Michelle will be on layaway... i can’t wait!! How long did you guys wait for yours to come? :))
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    13. If you have one, I hope you can post your 1/6 doll please. :) I cant wait to see some photos of them in real life
    14. I don't know if anyone is still interested, but I finally got to take some pictures of my 26cm Charm Doll Winnie. She has company face up (so cute!) and body blushing.
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    15. hello!

      i'm looking to create a hybrid between my fairyland ns head & a charmdoll body.

      would any of you have any ns fairyland ( preferably 2018 or later ) to compare with either the normal pink or normal yellow resin?

      thank you so much!
    16. Are there any current owner photos of these? I love a few of them on Alice’s Collections but can only find stock photos.
    17. I haven't seen any owner pictures either, but I am experiencing love at first sight with Polly right now. I love Cherry too, just because she's so different, but honestly Polly has swept me off my feet. I think I'm going to order her when I get paid next week. I hope the bodies are nice.
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    18. @thessaly Yay, more Polly's! I ordered one a few weeks ago, with that epic scythe. I ordered her blank since the clothes and faceup didn't quite do it for me, will you be going for the fullset? I seem to remember the wait time is 5-6 months, but we'll see. Clover-Singing actually posted a pic of the nude body at the bottom of their listing: Polly CharmDoll CD 1/6 size girl doll YO-SD size 26cm bjd_1/6 size doll_Charm Doll(15% OFF)_Clover singing doll base I don't currently own any Charmdolls though so I couldn't tell you how the posing is. Good luck with your order!
    19. Polly is adorable, I hope to see pictures if anyone gets her! I know it will be awhile though.