Charm Doll Discussion

Jan 13, 2014

    1. I definitely like the bodies. The female one really reminds me of Loongsoul's 69cm body, the main difference being the bust joint (and the bust size hahaha). I might snag one in the future for any floating heads I have.
    2. From what I've been hearing, Charmdoll and Loongsoul are sister companies, so the stylistic similarities aren't surprising. Anna looks a lot like LS Emily, IMO, just a bit older/more mature. The lines of the 66cm body actually remind me a bit more of the LS 63cm body, but the legs are a lot longer.

      Since they are related companies, I expect great things from Charmdoll.

      I would love it if Charmdoll sold their heads separately. I'd love to have an Anna head on the 63cm LS girl body. JianLi is also on the top of my wishlist.
    3. I am in love with Charm Doll's male body. :D

      It' so perfect for several floating heads that I have but for the size.
      71cm is taller then what I am looking for, so I sent Charm Doll a message with the question if they would be willing to release a 65cm tall boy with the same body sculpt. I'm crossing my fingers that they will say yes.


      Praying to the dollie-gods

      Kymera: jeeryama (ebay seller) would probably be able to fill your request to sell you a Anna head. Just ask. ;)
    4. YES.! I was randomly looking at MoC and saw Charmdoll and thought that Anna reminded me of Loongsoul. I reaaaaally love her~ *o* But i'm more in love with Cahill.. <3 I am determined to get him one day.!
      And I also really like the aesthetic of the 70cm bodies~ :3
    5. Charmdoll is having a summer event, with a heads only sale.

      It doesn't look like that there are new sculpts being released, Maybe next year?
      CD is still relatively new, being less then a year old. :sweat

      Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that 66-67cm male body,
      hopefully with the same aesthetic of the 70cm.
    6. Can someone please tell me ( or show ) the different between Charm doll's skintones? I dont know what skintone looks like normal skin of other companies. I have decided buy Anna, I really love her healthy body. What is skintone in this official picture?


      And I can't access their official website T___T dont know why
    7. I love Anna...and their bodies are all so gorgious!!! I've been looking for a nice 71cm boy body for a floating head of mine and I may have just found it! ^_^ And I was also drooling over LengJue...what a beautiful boy! *sigh* Why am I so poor right now? :( Can't wait to see what else they'll have to offer!
    8. Are there any owner pictures yet??? I'm planning on ordering a Anna head through Jeeryama. She will be my first ever bjd (part) :lol:. She will just have to wait for a body.
    9. Hopefully there will be some soon. The company faceups in this case don't grab me as much as their blank sculpts do, so I'd certainly love to see them with some different faceups :XD:
    10. Soooooo, is there a waiting room thread for this company, or did I miss it? I can't seem to find one...
    11. Let’s make this three posts in a row, yaaaay! Unintentionally, I promise… this just seems to be a quiet thread :V

      My Anna came and I did my first face up ever! I have about one picture that I’m willing to share because I’m aware that her eyebrows need help. Yes, I do plan to wipe it and give it a second try. Have mercy on me… but I thought that the lack of owner pictures needed to be remedied, so here we go.


      The Charm Doll pink skin is very, very light pink compared to any of the other pink skinned dolls I have. She’s lighter and pinker than the Doll Chateau, DF-H, and Impldoll pink skins I own. More relevantly, the Mirodoll normal skin body I had for her looks super super yellow next to her head. So not only was this my first faceup experience, it was also my first whole head blushing experience.

      Overall, she suits the character I wanted her for, so I'm happy ^^ I can post resin comparison pictures with my other dolls if anyone asks. I left her headcap unblushed, so that's still a super light pink.

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    12. I was just looking at this companies doll's last night. I really like Anna as her face is so stunning! I'm also liking the face up you gave her, elvenlogic especially the dark lips. It must be the lighting or something but she looks so white in the company pictures though Mint on Card says she's yellow skin.
    13. Really, that's the yellow skin? Yeah, she does look really white in those pictures... it didn't occur to me to ask, honestly, but I didn't think that was their yellow skin. Their white must be paper white :sweat
    14. Hello!!!!! Just thought I would drop in and say 'hi' to everyone. I'm looking at Hugh, but if I bring him home, it will be a little while. I make myself think about it and wait awhile! I think he's so handsome! I especially like his chin. I know that sounds funny, but I do!
    15. mollym, that doesn't sound funny to me. I personally have a specific thing for noses, and yes, Hugh is very handsome with his wonderfully masculine chin :XD:

      Now, if only I had more money...
    16. Quiet thread indeed...

      Has anyone seen Trista? I'm a little in love with her face and that loooong beautiful neck. She reminds me of Claire from Outlander.

      I'm a little iffy on the body, though I think it may just be the company pictures...
    17. Praesagium, I fell in love with Trista at first sight, even though my polyurethane team it's private men's club. Wasn't impressed by the body, but was struck down by this beautiful face
    18. @No_comment, yours is the opposite of mine. My club seems to be a mix of female and genderqueer. I need some (obvious) boys to balance it out :lol:

      I couldn't find any of my ideal resin matches (Spiritdoll, Iplehouse) though, or any option to buy just a head. Maybe they'll repeat last year's Christmas event and I can compare to my current Spirits and Iple.
    19. Praesagium,
      I'm in the hobby for a little over a year now and still consider myself a newbie, however, one thing I've learned from my first full year is that miracles and coincidences do happen) So I believe you'll find your ideal resin matches ) Whether Trista destined to become obvious boy?)))