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Charm Doll Minis

May 19, 2017

    1. Hello! I did a search and couldn't find any discussion for Charm Doll msd boys and girl. So far there is Nancy and Randy (human) and the new Renard. They are listed as 45cm, so typical msd size.

      I have pre ordered my own Renard because I couldn't pass up his cute face and those amazing ears! A very unique sculpt, too bad he seems to be overlooked with all of the new releases this spring.

      So please, let's discuss these beautiful sculpts! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!
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    2. I also ordered a Renard, he looked so special and adorable that I just had to have him. Very excited to see owner pictures :) I hope we get our dolls soon!
    3. Me to! So glad someone else got a Renard. What color skin, and did you get the fullset? I got mine in pink skin, blank and bought a different wig (blue). I already have his outfit.

      I really hadn't paid much attention to Charm Doll, so I did some research and found out they are an offshoot company by Loongsoul. No wonder I find them so beautiful. They have been around since 2009, and I never looked at them. :doh
    4. I bought mine in pink skin and with the company faceup. I think he's very versatile, excited to see how you'll style him! :)

      Wow, I had no idea about Charm Doll, I was actually saving up for a different doll, but then I saw Renard and I just had to have him, so I took the plunge. I guess he might be limited? Or maybe that's just the full set. I really hope the wait takes less than 3 months, I wasn't able to find any time estimation on their orders.
    5. I hope it only takes 2-3 months too. I ordered mine from AC, and I'm thinking maybe August, but sooner is better. Now I'm thinking of what to name him. I do like the company face up and would have gotten it, but I have a color scheme picked out with blue and white, so I'll have to do the face up myself. I'm going to blush the ears with blue and make them look like feathers. I'm not sure what Renard is supposed to be though. The promo pictures show him with a grey fur tail. I'll look up the Little Prince story to see what he is based on.
    6. i also ordered a renard! he's so cute, i love how dreamy his eyes look.

      he was a super impulsive buy though so i have no clue what i'm going to do with him... maybe he'll be a sheep?
    7. @kurogane Ooh, icy blue - that sounds great, what color eyes will he wear? I think he's supposed to be a fox, judging by the name and the fluffy tail.

      @faintnot Yay, more of us! xD A sheep sounds really cute, mine's going to be a deer/forest boy kind of style.
    8. @Athenril Yes, a fox. I looked up the story as the ears confused me. They don't look fox like, more sheep like. Either way, they are adorable. He will make a great deer too! So many possibilities.

      Congratulations @faintnot. I thought he looked like a sheep when I first saw him. Mine was an impulse buy too. I wasn't planning on buying any more dolls.
    9. I found some owner pictures of Renard on Taobao. He definitely looks different than in the promo pictures, but I still like him. The company makeup looks pretty good as well. He needs 12 mm eyes though, IMO.

      #9 Athenril, May 31, 2017
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    10. @Athenril oh, thank you for sharing these pictures! Yes, he does look different, but I think I like him even more. The ears really stick out, that is a bonus for me. I think his eyes look more squinty than the promo pics? Yeah, 12mm is going to look better. Darn, then I'll have to buy some new ones as the ones I have are 14mm. His mouth is adorable. But as mine will be blank, he will look even more different. I hope I can do his face up, they always worry me. These pictures help to remind me why I picked Renard over all the other choices out there!
    11. @kurogane I agree, there is something really special about this sculpt. I think the 14mm eyes make him look sleepy, which I personally don't really like. And I'm sure your faceup will turn out great, judging by the owner pictures, blue color will look fantastic on Renard! :)
    12. @Athenril I am surprised that there are owner pictures already. Renard has just been released! I hope this means the wait will be short as the average Loongsoul wait is 4-5 months. Since Charm Doll is owned by them, I'm thinking the wait times might be the same. I hope not! I have my guy's stuff all ready...
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    13. @kurogane I really hope it's 3 months, had I known CharmDoll belonged to LS, I would have reconsidered ordering, 5 months is too long, regardless of how much I love a doll...
    14. @Athenril I totally agree! I think it will be less than 5 months. I'm thinking September. I quit ordering from DZ/DC as the six month waits are awful. I'll just forget about Renard as it helps with the wait (somewhat).

      PS Just once in my life I'd like a doll to arrive early, just once!
    15. These pictures are pulled from CharmDoll's weibo~




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    16. @Holstein thank you for these pictures! Renard looks so different blank (which I ordered). Thankfully, he looks more like my character than I was expecting. Still, I should have gotten the company face up, I love how they painted in teeth. Still, I'm looking forward to getting mine!
    17. I love the Renard sculpt---have eyed him a few times while browsing ACBJD. :XD: Randy is pretty cute, too!

      I look forward to seeing your Renards, @kurogane and @Athenril! :daisy Congrats on your orders!
    18. Thank you @PeppermintPocky. Renard was a totally unplanned purchase. I saw those ears and cute face and a fully formed character insisted I bring him to life. That happens a lot in this hobby. :doh
    19. @Holstein Thank you so much!! Gosh, he is such a cutie, I can't wait to have him home!

      Thank you @PeppermintPocky I couldn't resist his adorable little potato-face :D
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    20. I went and looked at the pictures again. I'm so happy I ordered Renard. Just too cute.