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Nov 20, 2017

    1. Hi dear,

      Charm Doll released two new Limited Dolls, and Christmas Event has begun :3nodding:
      Event Period: 2017.11.16 - 2018.01.05
      * 15% off for new limited dolls Momo & Miumiu.
      * 20% off for all other dolls.

      Pine Cone - Momo

      Squirrel - Miumiu
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    2. Do you mean Dollzone?
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    3. Those are indeed dollzone girls, lol.
    4. It appears Alice Hiccuped, the links are to the new dolls by Charm Doll, yet the photos are from Dollzone. Both of the Momo and MiuMiu from charm doll are 15% off as the announcement says and the others appear to be 20% off as well, just the wrong images linked.
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    5. It's the wrong pics but the links work guys.
    6. To all: sorry for the mistake :sweat, the pics have been changed to correct ones, also Doll Zone have started their Christmas Event, see details here: Christmas Event : Alice's Collections
    7. Would you know if these dolls include a torso joint?
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    8. I was curious about this as well and checked Charmdoll's website. Turns out, they do!

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