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Cheap and Adorable Doll Carriers!

Jul 27, 2007

    1. I was in Joanns the other day and ran into some great little cardboard "suitcases" and thought, I bet my dolls could fit in those?

      So I took Coppelia along and sure enough, perfect fit!

      They were only $12 and came in all sorts of colors (I was sad the black and white one was gone when I went back) They also come in 2 smaller sizes perfect for tinies!

      They are from this company and I thing well worth checking out.

      (for those worried about the fact Coppelia is not a company doll, she's acctually a little bigger than most MSD size dolls, so the cases should be a perfect fit for most dolls!)
    2. do you have an item number on this? should be 4-7 digits. i can't find them on joanns website @_@
    3. omg how cute *0*
      and they fittt :]
    4. I have seen these cases at ROSS stores too.
    5. What a cute idea! I've seen similar cases at Ross, Marshall's, Michaels, and every so often at AC Moore. I haven't shopped at any of their locations in a while, but TJ Maxx may carry them too, as well as Hancock Fabrics.

      Juli DC 8)
    6. That suitcase with your girl in it is sooooo cute! I love her expression.

      Congrats on a great find!
    7. very cute! I will have to get one for Faun!
    8. Yah know, I've seen them at TJMaxx, Ross, & Hobby Lobby, and have used the smaller ones to tote my Blythe dolls around, but I never considered the larger ones for my Narae. Thanks for the tip!:)
    9. I have those too. Their clothes fit nicely with them inside.
    10. Oh my God, Lolipop, I both love and hate you now! I want one so bad! ...and I need to save for Megi. *is torn* and all my hard work cleaning the house to win over parents getting stuff for me is going to pillow fluff x.x Whaaaaaaaaaa!
    11. Oh blast. I was just in Joanns last night getting cosplay fabric. But thanks for the heads up. It's adorably cute- I'll have to get one for my soon-to-be-home girl!
    12. ooh yes, I saw those at the Micheal's here, but I never thought of their possibility as a doll carrier o_o
      I'll have to go get one(or two!), they're adorable <3
    13. They had some at Tuesday Morning as well. I picked up one for dolls and a smaller one for clothes.
    14. :o

      I have an addiction to collecting boxes/bags/cases/etc. THIS ISN'T HELPING!

      Must... go... buy... *_*
    15. I looked in Micheal's yesterday and didn't see them, what section would they be in?
    16. This thread reminded me that I had an oooooold cardboard suitcase that would be just the right size... unfortunately, I'd forgotten that the keys were long lost, and that my mother had warned me that, once closed, the damned thing would open for no man or woman. T_T

      So, for an hour as I struggled to get the thing open, and my poor boy OUT, I figured, "Yeah... $12 is a good price for something like this..." I managed to rip out the stitching in the bottom and pry the sucker open, to reveal a disheveled and unamused doll. X'D

      I promptly thew what was left of the offending 60's suitcase, and grumbled to myself that I was just across the street from a large fabric store yesterday.

      Ahh well. I'll have to keep my eye open for one of those! The bag I usually carry with me is HEAVY, and the luggage that would be the right size is even worse. :sweat

      If the suitcase is of a cardboard as heavy as the one that just gave me a minor heart attack, I can assure you all it'll be a safe place for your dolls XD
    17. and I have several in which I keep accessories for several of my dolls. Each of my special dolls has their own suitcase.
    18. Those are great, thanks for sharing!
    19. I made an attempt at getting both my girls in it yesterday. It didn't look very comfortable for two, but it did work out, so that might be useful to know?
      They also had a wide bottom version that is kind of arched on top, that one looked like you get get 2 dolls in easy, and maybe even a 3rd!

      http://www.boscovs.com/StoreFrontWe...partment&pdn=1800000&departmentNumber=1803800 Has some, not many designs, but they have the boxes.
    20. Probably the Home Accents section. I saw them there once when I went in, but they were kinda tucked away some where in our local Michaels