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Cheap doll after cheap doll?

Jan 17, 2011

    1. Hello,

      I have recently been thinking about something, I'll try not to sound like a snob :lol: but sometimes I'm browsing through the DOA and I come across people that have about 6 or more of the "cheaper dolls" from "cheap companies" now I sometimes think to myself, do they prefer the cheaper dolls? or are they too impatient to save more for a more "expensive" doll?

      I understand If people can't afford the more costly dolls, but the people who have more than about 5 cheap dolls I think why didn't they save longer? I think 2 cheap dolls would be the same as one "expensive" doll. you could have had the money for a more expensive one if you kept saving for a little longer instead of getting the 4th and 5th cheap doll. I've had cheaper dolls before because I got sick of saving, but in the end they weren't what I wanted. I realised sometimes its worth saving for the more expensive dolls because they seem to have more quality resin etc. Although i do like some "cheap" dolls, i just always save for the doll that i really want no matter the price, because i know i'll be happier with the result rather than thinking, this one will do because i can afford it.

      i hope i don't sound like i'm being rude or anything, this is just my opinion :lol:
    2. I also saw some of those :) I for my self have just 1 doll .. he´s from dollzone so not the most expensive or cheapest doll on the market.. but i also love some of the very cheap molds like resinsouls mei (and the 2 new ones)

      Well what was i trying to tell .. uuhm .. ah jeah!

      There are also some people who only own Iplehouse or only own ffairyland.. so i can imagine somebody loves only the cheaper dolls not because of the price ! I for myself only buy doll´s i want (cheap and expensive :))
    3. Well, sometimes price and heart has nothing to do with each other...for various reasons dolls coming from certain parts of the world can be sold for less money than others. But there are people who just happen to prefer that flavor on sculpting, that distinct 'style'. I think asking them to buy a more expensive doll just because they can afford it is quite offensive, when they are committed to a different style (even if that happens to be "cheaper").

      Also - for those who have intricate stories, and won't feel complete without having all the characters to play out their imagination, buying two instead of one doll would make sense wouldn't it?

      I personally happen to always like mid-to-high priced dolls (mostly mid), and thankfully have been able to save up for them so far, so settling was never a problem (and I don't think I ever would). But it's worth keeping in mind that having more affordable dolls doesn't necessarily mean 'settling' - you never know what makes a certain individual happy. Heh, sometimes even the people themselves don't know what makes them happy - but in this case, the can just sell their dolls later, and buy other ones^^
    4. A higher price does not always mean a more attractive product. A lower price does not always mean less quality.
      A collection like you are talking about is probably less likely to be about "saving money" than it is about an aesthetic preferance.
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    5. Even though personally I am someone with 'expensive tastes' (I don't yet own a doll under $300) it's more because I like the aesthetic appeal of the particular sculpts I've bought.

      I know people who love the aesthetic appeal of the 'cheaper' companies, even though it's not my cup of tea. I also know that if there was a doll from the cheaper companies that I really loved and couldn't be without, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I think it's all a matter of personal preference. I don't think that expecting someone to change their tastes is fair, just because what they like is cheaper than what I like. (It's like a non-dolly person asking you to stop being a dolly person and start doing their hobby instead.)
    6. For my own opinion, I think that you shouldn't really compromise or compensate any doll that you want even though it is expensive if this is what you really want, basically you will spend more if you would buy cheaper dolls but you don't really love and end up selling them because you are not happy about them eventually... I think it is better to save to the doll that you either expensive or not, cause it is worth the wait and you'll be satisfied in it.

      Buy the doll what you love and not because of the price, so you will not regret anything in the end. If you like cheaper dolls then good for you, shorter span of saving but if you like an expensive doll it may be a long way for you, but it will be worth. Make the agony of waiting or intense desire, as your inspiration to wait and save for your one true love... :aheartbea

      Patience is a virtue. :)
    7. Truth be told, it always hurts when BJD's are referred to as "cheap". Personally, I don't think any of them are. I think it all tends to go to what the owner wants. My first doll was from Doll Family. Was he inexpensive? Not really, but compared to the Luts and Volks, I guess he is. Am I happy with him? I love him to bits. I love the quality and I have ordered the company's new doll too.

      I could save up and buy an expensive doll, but then none of them gets to me. Sure they are beautiful, but what would I do with them if I just like them and not really love them? Would I get a more expensive doll? I would--granted if I find the right one. But regardless of me ending up with a Volks or any high end doll, the "cheap" doll would always have a special place in my heart.

      So, I think some people are able to get or save up for the high ends, but like me, they haven't found the right one. And truthfully, owning even one BJD is not cheap. :doh
    8. Hmmm, I'm trying to think about my doll collection... almost all of them I think would probably fall into the 'cheap' category, either through being second hand, old or whatever... My AS dolls were both new back when their prices were much lower and one is second hand so he was even cheaper, my Dollfie Dream, while new, was bought directly from Japan and therefore wasn't much more than a new resin doll would cost nude and I think with the exception of her body the most expensive thing about her was her outfit - which wasn't even meant for her... though I guess she'd be considered an 'expensive' doll... my MSD was second hand but would probably come under the 'expensive' bracket (at $350) uhmm.... my Custom House tinies are DEFINITELY cheap........ My Keath head and FDoll body were both cheap....

      I don't understand the need to differentiate in the price of dolls, if I'm honest. I have a few pricier dolls and a few cheaper dolls... but I bought them because I liked their moulds, not because of their price. Price doesn't even influence me - layaway is my greatest friend :lol: If someone has five, for example, Bobobie dolls instead of two, say, Soom dolls - does that mean they're too impatient to save? I don't think so, I think it's more likely that they like those particular dolls and wanted to buy them because they like them. Just because a doll is more expensive doesn't make it 'better' - in fact one of the worst quality dolls I've ever had was an extremely expensive doll, but my cheaper dolls have always been wonderful and remained in great condition for the longest time.

      I love all my dolls equally (well, okay, with a special place in my heart for Paige :lol:) and I dress them all as finely as one another. Almost all of them have expensive or tailored clothing, and those that don't will do, regardless of their cost because it's the DOLL I like and the fact that they're perfect for my character rather than the price. Sure, I've probably been put off certain moulds that would 'do' because of the price, but when there's a perfect sculpt that's half the price - why save? ;) I wouldn't even dress them particularly expensively were it not for the fact that their characters demand posh clothes, I actually envy people with modern characters who can get away without flouncy dresses and tailcoats :lol:

      Actually, for all my wittering, I think northern_raven basically perfectly summed up what I'm trying to say in my fluffy, rambly way :lol:
    9. If the dolls you like happen to be "low" of costs, then consider yourself lucky and enjoy your dolls. I can imagine that someone would like to own a doll in each of the many resin colours Bobobie and ResinSoul offer. People like different things and people enjoy this hobby differently.

      If someone says they feel it's wrong to spend a lot of money on something frivolous like a doll or they say they will never be able to save up for a $800 doll, but they make no secret of owning 10 dolls worth $200 each, I can only shrug and move on.
    10. Not to sound like I'm being deliberately contrary (I'm not) but, this line of argument assumes that the person in question wants to buy a more expensive doll and settles on something different.

      I don't think this is necessarily the case very often, if ever. People who buy the cheaper sculpts tend to like that particular doll, or maybe it's one of the dolls they love and it happened to be in their current price range at this point in time. (I know, for example, that some dolls will be waaaay out of my price range, and thus I dream of them, but know that I will never have them, because I can't justify that much money no matter how much I love the doll.) A lot of people also buy cheaper dolls because they like to mod and it's less 'risky' to mod on a cheaper doll - you can afford to make a mistake, more than if you modded that Special Volks Limited that cost you $2500.

      To be honest, there are some very expensive dolls that I would never buy (even if I could afford them) because they simply don't appeal to me in the slightest. There are some dolls that I've looked at from cheaper companies because they are what I have in mind for a character.

      It all depends on which dolly you fall in love with. For some people it's the expensive dolly, for others it's the cheaper one - but the love is the same no matter the price tag.
    11. Just because they are cheap doesn't make them ugly. People genuinely like them and buy them for their looks.
      That they are cheap is just a bonus. I;ve only seen a few people 'settle' for cheaper dolls because they had no money. If you check out the discussion threads about the cheaper doll brands you will see people thoroughly enjoying their dolls and wanting nothing else.
      Two cheap dolls is not at all like one expensive doll. I'd take two Resinsouls over one Volks any day just because of the way they look.
    12. I totally agree with some girls who wrote before me..
      the love and the fact someone likes a doll doesn't depend of its price!
      The beauty of a mold for us, doesn't depend on its price..
      I personally like a lot some "Cheap" doll more than dolls like Soom.. for example..
    13. Disclaimer; I'm going to use the word "cheap" with abandon in this post. I know some people don't like it, because "all dolls are expensive", but it's an accurate descriptor - Despite being £7,000 a Micra is still a cheap car, because Bugattis cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. It doesn't mean you can buy one at breakfast time and throw it out by dinner, but it does mean that it's a more affordable option for people who don't want to pay through the nose for realms of functionality/aesthetics that they don't use/appreciate/find worthwhile. That said...

      When I started in this hobby, the first sculpt I really fell for was an AoD boy - He was distinctively ugly, and I thought he'd be perfect for a character I had in mind. After buying him, I decided that there wasn't anything really wrong with the cheaper companies; I got a Bobobie, and another AoD, and an adorable Lati White, and was pretty happy with them. I also had an AngelRegion, secondhand, who'd had some serious damage done to her by her previous owner. Then I bought a DZ - A sculpt I'd rather liked from near the beginning, and something about him turned out to just be wrong. I immediately noticed his sad resin quality, his clumsy joints, his unfortunate sculpting errors. Try as I might, I just couldn't love him.

      And I started noticing what was wrong with my extant dolls as well - My AoDs' faces were not just ugly, they were terrible, and my Bobobie mini posed like a ragdoll cat on ketamine. I traded him in for a pair of CustomHouse tinies - I still adored my Lati, and they were more like her; Pocket-sized nuggets of adorable, that I could dress up and carry around more freely. When I got them, I couldn't stand them. Their faces were lovely, but their bodies and limbs were basically jointed tubes. Like it or not, I realised, my tastes had changed, my standards had risen, and I was only keeping hold of my older dolls because I was attached to their characters and the times and places I was at when I bought them.

      I sold the CustomHouse tinies, one after the other, and (experimentally) used the money to buy a sorely damaged Volks SD13 body - thinking that he might be more in the "quality bracket" of my AngelRegion. I straight away noticed the difference - He was smoother, his resin was softer and less plasticky, his shape felt more natural, and a quick restringing made him pose like a rock. I kept him, headless, for a month or so, sewing bits of outfits and fixing some of the damage that had been done to him. I knew that I wanted a School A head for him, so when one with a glorious faceup came up on the marketplace for a very reasonable price, I bought it. It was the first Volks head I'd seen in person, and the quality difference between that and my cheap dolls was obvious.

      For now, at least, I'm of the opinion that there's a huge quality difference between the bottom of the spectrum and the top. That's not to say that if you love the cheaper companies you should be ashamed of yourself, sell all of your dolls, and buy a Bermann, but that if you have bought cheap doll after cheap doll, and you find that they're not "doing it" for you anymore, you might want to look into the higher end work, which really does have a totally different, better, feel to it.
    14. I think a "cheap doll" Is good for your first doll. Of course Buying one after another may mean that you are impatient or maybe you value quantity over quality but also perhaps you just like the sculpt.
    15. Here's my little story on this topic. My first doll I saved for for what seemed like forever. I had fallen in love with a Limhwa Human...had never seen a BJD in person (just here). When she came I was so completely in awe of her she actually intimidated me. My next doll was a second-hand Bambicrony elf. Not too expensive, but I loved loved her, and she didn't make me feel "strange" the way the Limhwa did. So........I then fell for a Dollstown Seola. I'd never really seen one, but loved the sculpt in pictures. I sold my Limhwa, who I didn't "play" with...and bought Dollstown Seola...........well her sculpt is beautiful and she's hefty.......but she poses horribly, her left leg is gimpy and although I love her head, her body leaves a lot to be fixed. She was expensive...............and I have a few inexpensive dolls who pose much better and who I actually play with without frustration. So go figure!!!
    16. I'm not aiming this at the people who buy cheap dolls for their appearance or sculpt, because I know a lot of cheap dolls are actually pretty nice. And all BJD collectors know what its like to fall in love with any sculpt no matter where its from. I'm talking about the people who have tons of cheaper dolls. I think if they can afford that many cheap dolls why can't they save up for something with more quality. The people with tons of cheaper dolls are obviously not JUST buying for the sculpt all the time, i mean there must have been times when they thought the more expensive ones were nice too. So they're buying just because they don't want to save long enough to buy it, instead they seem to settle for the cheaper dolls. Also i'm not trying to rip on cheap dolls cause i like some of them too.
    17. She is exactly what i mean. I mean wouldn't you want to experience having something a bit nicer instead of just sticking to the cheaper dolls. I mean this hobby is expensive anyway but its worth the money if you spend enough LOL. Its a lot more rewarding to have a doll a bit higher on the scale. i mean they should just try it out, to see what its like.

      sorry if i double posted LOL
    18. Maybe they want a quick fix and therefore buy a $200 doll when they have $200 instead of saving up for a more expensive doll. Maybe they like bargain hunting. Maybe they'd rather have 10 dolls than 4. Who knows and why should we care so much?
      Only if those people start to whine about never being able to afford more expensive dolls, complain that their dolls are of low quality or start to make fun of people who buy more expensive dolls, should something be said about it.

      I think posts like these are what makes people who own and like "cheaper" dolls feel treated like second grade doll collectors or even feel like they're being persecuted.
    19. interesting topic! :)
      hmmm.... well for myself I don't like the look of most "cheap" dolls. so I go with the more expensive one ^^ well so far. I don't look at the price actually, I just take what I really like! so maybe those persons just really love the sculpts from the "cheap" company. I KNOW some people are in love with resinsoul and such. but I'd say for some poeple it must also be the impatience xD
      i'm kinda like that. I want to have as much dolls as possible to make as much style as possible. the only thing is: the way I afford to get all those dolls is by not buying them anything xD;;
      the less expensive dolls can also be a very good choice for your first heavy mod and such :3
      and I said i prefer the more expensive one but that's not always true. sometimes the expensive ones are very ugly to me xDD
    20. People can buy whatever they want, and the only time I really care about it is the ones who complain about their collections not getting enough attention because it's a multitude of poorly put together, poorly photographed Bobobies/Goodreau/whatever in sock dresses or go on about how many cheap dolls a more expensive doll's price could buy because those people are annoying and whiny.

      Luckily, you can put those people on ignore on DoA and then never have to be subjected to them ever again.

      I believe in quality over quantity and always would rather have one really nice thing as opposed to two not as nice things, and that's always the way I've been.