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Cheap Tiny Furniture

Jul 22, 2008

    1. I was at the the Dollar Tree earlier today, looking around the toy section, and I found adorable little 1/12 scale tiny furniture. They looked really nice, and where $1 each! I saw a dresser, a table, a vanity, and a few other little things. They were made of wood, and looked perfect scale for a Puki, Orientdoll, or, in my case, DD-Anne tiny :) I didn't get any because I only had enough money with me to buy what I went for, but I'm planning to go back tomorrow and buy them. I hope this helps someone out!
    2. :O woooo that's so cool!!!
      I'm not sure my local Dollar Tree sell these though...
      Is there any way I can see the pictures or something?
    3. I didn't even know if we had one nearby, so I looked it up and there is one by my sister's house. I think I'll give it a go tomorrow!

      Anyway, I hope when you get your's you can take some pictures and show us what you found! Thanks for the headsup! Sounds so cool, especially since my little daughter wants a room for her puki :) I'm building the room, but frankly, I've run out of money and wasn't sure how the heck I was going to manage furnishings! LOL
    4. I'm going to try to go by later today and get them. If I do I'll post pictures tonight, if not I'll post them tomorrow. Size comparison will be with a Kelly doll though, as my Hexad isn't here yet.
    5. What a great idea--I hadn't thought about checking out my local dollar store for props and furniture--I hope that I can get there sometime in the next week or two!
    6. I had never thought of that either. And right next to our $ store is a Michael's. I'm sure they'd have "stuff", even if a bit pricey. Everyone keeps telling me to hit Target. Anyone here ever get any clever items from there?
    7. Target & the other chainstores can be good for "seasonal" stuff. This time last year, I got a tube of Tiny-sized "play farm animals", horses & pigs & cows & chicks, in the back-to-school displays (meant for math games), and some adorable miniature tin "lunch boxes" full of candy for $1 each. Halloween treats, Xmas display pieces, and Valentines trinket boxes can also be re-purposed for our little ones.

      At a slightly higher price point, craft store A.C. Moore has cheap doll-house furniture that will fit Pukis and Sos and such, and sometimes small chairs & such in the unfinished-wood or picture-frame sections. And Fisher-Price has a whole "My First Doll House" series which is brightly colored plastic, but rather nice basic designs -- I bought my spoiled Pushika the "Home Office" room for about $10. She mostly uses the rolling office chair with her "laptop" balanced on the printer cart, but if I ever clear enough space for a proper room box she'll also have a desk with a full-sized (attached) PC and phone, and a printed oriental-style rug & room divider.
    8. I can see that I'm gonna have to "get out there" and look for all these cool things. So far I've just mostly concentrated on gathering my little (and big) darlings. But now it's time for them to get set up. I also have Evangeline Ghastly and with Halloween coming, I can't wait to see what I can find for her. LOL
      Thanks for all the wonderful info. This sounds like FUN.
    9. I don't know if it's still there, but there is a website called dollchatter.com, where a couple makes beautiful wooden doll furniture.
    10. Thank you so much for your post! There is a Dollar Tree within walking distance of my house! I am seeing the new Mummy movie tomorrow but will stop in there on the way out & hopefully they will have the furniture there, I am looking for kitchen/dining room stuff for my Puki room.
    11. Also, this is not necessarily cheap, but there is a cute kitchen set on happily.com.
    12. Don't forget ToysRus. I'm sure they have loads of stuff. Last time I was there I only had big dolls. I think the Grandkids need a treat and Meemaw needs to go shopping.You all got my brain into gear...lol
    13. Thank you all, ok so I couldn't wait & just went there, bought 4 pieces, mainly bedroom stuff, I didn't buy the dresser with attached fake mirror because it looked too small.
      I'm uploading a photo now with my Flora next to the furniture, they are at a good price for only $1 each.
    14. Do you have a link? I'm sorta new here and can't figure out how to get to various places, or even if I can yet......
    15. Here is a photo, only the one with the open doors has open doors, the tall cabinet in the back right looks like a curio cabinet or phone booth (lol). The wood is like teak, thin. I'm going to another Dollar Tree tomorrow to see if they have different pieces. I included the packaging in the back left. My husband rushed me out of the store because his Bucs Football game was starting.
    16. I had checked out Toys R Us, not a lot in our store, where did all of the good Doll stuff go? I remember Toys R Us having so much Barbie stuff, now there's hardly anything Barbie there. I'm off to go look at Happily.com, thank you for all the info, I truly appreciate it.
      Edited to add:
      I found this website, would they stuff be ok for Puki?
      This is the set I'm looking at, it has the colors that would match my dollhouse room:
    17. OH my, I have to get off my lazy butt and hit the dollar store! That stuff looks great! Was it really just a dollar for each piece? Not that it would matter, but do those drawers open up? I think for that price, they'd still be great if they didn't! I actually NEED some stuff like that for what I'm building. A nice simple unadorned design.... ok, late now, what am I doing tomorrow?... LOL
    18. Awesome Find!!!

      We have no good dollar stores around here. They all stink. :ablah:
    19. That reminds me- I need to hit the dollhouse store near me. We have horrible dollar stores around here, and Matera, I totally agree- I remember when you could walk into Toys r us and be overwhlemed by barbie- outfit sets, furniture sets, individual dolls...no more. -sigh- But I do actually have a dollhouse store near me. If they're cheap and decent looking, I'll buy some and take pictures.
    20. Hobby Lobby sells dollhouse furniture.Check the clearance isle for the best deals.