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Check out the Domuya Flexi 2 body! WOW!

Sep 4, 2009

    1. Heard back from Domuya -

      it will NOT work with the model leg extension kit. Rats!

      Oh well, I am getting it anyway. :)

      Jen 8)
    2. She is NICE! The male doll will be released this year though. Who knows, perhaps there will be more foot options in the future.
    3. ohgosh ! the body looks wonderful !
      but, it'll show alot of joints when the doll's dressed in revealing clothes . D:
    4. it's a wonderful body... do somebody know something about the resin match?
      I love it, but there are no domuya head I'm in love with... so I was wondering if I could just put another head on... and which company has a resin match in normal skin...
    5. Soom's WS resin is pretty much a PERFECT match for Domuya's WS resin. Also, I found that my 2008 MNM WS resin was also a perfect match, and my special Iplehouse Cream White Yur Astrologer head is a good match too.
    6. just a pity that IH doesn't sell head parts....
      I should try with the IMPL... maybe in the future. IMPL body's fine, but the single joint in the knee sounds quite limitating.
      thank you very much KittyFields for answering me!!
    7. EDIT: I just noticed you said resin match in Normal Skin. I was giving matches for white skin, sorry. T_T I do have a normal skin Domuya body from a while back, but I only have two other normal skin heads. T_T Let me check the match on those for you though!

      In the meantime, check out the resin matching threads in the picture requests subforum for NS Domuya resin matches!

      Also, I should mention that it's not IH's regular white resin (white they call Rose White) which matches. It's the Cream White, which only Yur Astrologer came in.

      But it's shame I don't have heads from other companies so I can do matching. Although I have a WS Miguel from Impldoll which I just ordered, so I can compare that when he gets here! :) Although it might be a couple of months before he does sadly.
    8. I'm not really in hurry ^__________^
      if it matches impldoll WS it would be really perfect!!! thank you for being so kind, I'll be going to check the thread as soon as I can!
    9. Re the new male body:

      Does anyone understand the 'hidden code' thing? I'm so clueless!
    10. Oh, wow! Thanks!
    11. wwaaahhhh Domuya is down and I really want to see about getting this body for one of my floating heads. any suggestions?
    12. Their site seems to be back up now! Go for it!
    13. oh yeah now to see if I can afford one of these. Thanks
    14. I love the girl body so I just had to get the boy body too, it looks awesome and is such a bargain now! Now to find a head for it . . . I'm thinking a WS Minimee or a Soom head, maybe.

      Oh, and regarding NS matches -- Souldoll is spot on!