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CheeryDoll smoking around their merchandise?

Feb 12, 2008

    1. I recently ordered from cheerydog.net and it was both a good experience and a bad one. Bought a pair of jeans and shoes for my unoa, got them three weeks later, jeans were perfect. The shoes... not so much.

      They look used. They have small traces of dirt and wear on the inside-logo. But the worst part is they have a very strong cigarette smoke smell, and there's nothing I hate more. :l I found this really strange, but after posting about it on another forum, someone else said a clothing set they bought from CheeryDoll also had a very strong smoke smell. I find this very disrespectful to us buyers that their workers are smoking around their doll clothing. I figure the pants were fine because they were probably made after my order was placed (hence the long shipping time). The shoes, a pair of Luts minifee shoes, are something they would have in stock, sitting out to be permeated by the stench of dirty cigarettes. ò_ó

      That doesn't explain the wear, though. Took some photos:



      I've emailed them last week, but haven't heard back yet. Hope I can get some kind of refund/exchange. (_ _'')

      Has anyone else noticed their clothing from CheeryDoll smelling like smoke?
    2. Ok, I got a reply back from them after sending another email last night:

      Derest ----

      First of all, I'm awfully sorry for this issue and my huge mistake,

      Regarding the Shoes,

      I was trying to reply you with some compansation for you such as getting a new shoes and send it

      right away,

      But it was the last shoes I had and couldn't get the new one so far,

      that's why i'm a little late to reply you.

      Of course I'll refund it right away and will get the new one as soon as I get it,

      I'm waiting for the new one from my supplier and will take a while.

      I'm really sorry onece again and hope that I can make it up to you in any possible way,

      please stay with us one more time and I really want to see you happy with our CheeryDoll(I'll do my best!)

      I do apologize to you and please take my apology and give it to your adorable child also.

      I thank you for your kindness in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon again.

      With Warmest Regards,


      So I feel better now knowing they're actually doing something to fix the problem. ^^''
    3. I've bought many, many items from Cheerydoll and have never had a problem.

      Of course, I go through cheerydollusa.com (Karin Bussman), but all the clothing, wigs, shoes etc...I have ever purchased have been clean and smoke free.

      Thanks for bringing this up, though. Cheerydoll is absolutely amazing to deal with and I'm glad things have worked out for the best. :)
    4. Yea, I thought it may have just been a one-time error thing until I heard that another doll owner had a smoke problem as well.

      Anyway, they have been SO incredibly kind in fixing the problem. Not only are they replacing the shoes, but they gave me a refund too (when all I expected was a replacement). I said I'd mail back the other shoes, but they told me to keep them. I'm no longer feeling bad about this at all. Everyone makes mistakes, and they've really out-done themselves to rectify their mistake. n__n ♥
    5. Wow, its good they gave you a refund and let you keep them. :D
      Did you get a new pair of shoes also?
    6. Well they certainly handled this very well! How refreshing!

      The "wear" on the logo looks like a bad stamping to me, that is to say it looks like the logo is stamped on each pair of shoes, and this pair didn't come out so clearly.

      It's not uncommon to get utterly filthy items from China... I remember when the early Dollzones were covered in soot... likewise the bubble wrap, etc. I've had things come from China (even buying secondhand from individuals) that were covered in this blackish film. I think they still use a lot of coal for energy there.

      It will be nice when Asia catches the anti-smoking bug the rest of the world seems to have, won't it?

      In any case, it's nice everything's been resolved.
    7. Regarding the cigarette smoke smell on Cheerydoll clothes, I was warned of that before I placed order and determined to wash them once they arrived. They actually came with some smell, not too much to be appalling, but I think it's more like fabric smell when they're stored in closed warehouse, you know. Seems like Cheerydoll has been aware of this complaint. They put a couple of fragance paper, neatly cut in little cupid form, in the plastic wrap. And that helped do away with the smell.
    8. Rudy: The jeans I got from them had a strong 'fabric' smell, which I don't mind since it's normal, but the shoes definitely smelled like smoke.

      ravendolls: on the new shoes I got the stamping is perfect, so I don't think it was a bad stamping issue. They even said they were the last pair of shoes like that they had (and had to order new ones from their suppliers before sending them out to me). Some people mentioned it was possible they were used for display purposes or something. I dunno~!

      But everything is worked out, I have no hard feelings towards the company at all, and my Unoa has pretty new shoes. I think I've managed to get most of the smoke smell off the old shoes too, though unfortunately the wear can't be undone. Too bad I don't have any friends who have dolls that the used shoes can fit.