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Cherish Doll Eileen

May 10, 2007

    1. Just posted by Cherish doll

    2. I think she is super cute :D
    3. she is so beautiful, her faceup detail is pretty too. I wonder what the pricing will be?
    4. She`s very cute! I wonder how much she will be.
    5. Oh she's CUTE. :D

      Unfortunately, I'm not "aging" Gaia, but I look forward to seeing maybe a "grownup" Chubby and the others. :D

      I hope the price is good!


      EDIT: If anyone is considering buying her, I'd love to tack something on to your order. I need to order a set of hands for Gaia, and it's $10 for the hands, and $22 for shipping. >_>

      Thaaanks! :)
    6. She's pretty...and adorable. I wonder if I can get one of my friends to buy her so I can have one nearby to stare at. XD;
    7. oh, she is pretty with that sweet innocent feel about her.
    8. She's lovely, the colors and everything are perfect! I bet a lot of the Lolita doll fans will want her.
    9. She is very sweet!
    10. :o
      I wasn't planning on get any more minis besides the girl I have now. But Eileen is BEAUTIFUL. I hope they release an older Chubby soon! (and hopefully rather tall.)
    11. It will be interesting to see all the "grown ups" :D
    12. I agree!! I really hope this means that they will do a "grown up" version of Chubby and Jodie. Maybe by the time i am allowed another doll my Chubby can have brother and sister.:D
    13. :lol: I wish they had the prices up... I'd love to know how it is going to cost
    14. I couldn't resist her innocent face, so I am getting her for my mum...she is going to be so fun to dress up all loli and such :XD:
    15. I have her1 she is as beautiful as the pics and a beautiful resin:)
    16. Congrats!!! Did you order her straight from Cherish Doll?

      I'm still waiting on my mum's to get to me, but I ordered from dollndoll...
    17. meep...im considering her as a replacement for one of my characters. she's just so cute

      could any of the owners of her tell me how well her resin matches with others? do you think her head could fit/look good on some other body? anything else to say? thanks!