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Cherish Doll Faith Discussion

Jan 29, 2011

    1. Welcome to Migidoll's Faith discussion.

      In the past couple of years, Cherish Doll merged with their sister company Migidoll. All their past lines are now under Migidolls name. Since then, they release a new body for the Faith line called Uni. Currently the dolls in their Faith line are sold out, and are available at certain sales though out the year.

      Anyone is welcome to discuss about Cherish/Migidoll's 20cm tiny line; whether you are an owner or someone who is curious about them.


      Where to buy Faith?

      Social Media Sites:
      Cherish Doll Flicker Group
      Migidoll's Official Twitter
      Migidoll's Official Facebook
      Migidoll's Blog



      Faith's new body (Cherish)
      Height: 21cm
      Head (cm): 11.4
      Neck (cm): 5

      Shoulder Length (cm): 5.5
      Arm Length (cm): 6.5
      Wrist (cm): 3.5
      Waist (cm): 9.7
      Hips (cm): 12
      Thigh (cm): 6.5
      Leg Length (cm): 9
      Ankle (cm): 4
      Feet (cm): 3.1

      Slim Body (Cherish)
      Height: 21cm
      Head (cm): 11.4
      Neck (cm): 5
      Shoulder Length (cm): 4.8

      Arm Length (cm): 5.8
      Wrist (cm): 2.5
      Waist (cm) : 7.7
      Hips (cm): 10.3
      Thigh (cm): 5.5
      Leg Length (cm): 9
      Ankle (cm): 3
      Foot (cm): 2.2

      Uni Body (Migidoll)
      Height: 22cm
      Head (cm): 11.4
      Neck (cm): 5
      Shoulder Length (cm): 6.5
      Arm Length (cm): 5.7
      Wrist (cm): 4.8
      Waist (cm) : 8.7
      Hips (cm): 11.2
      Thigh (cm): 5.6
      Leg Length (cm): 23
      Ankle (cm): 6
      Foot (cm): 3

      What fits my doll?


      Depending on the sculpt, they can wear between 10 to 12mm, or 14mm if you are looking for a cute look with little silica showing. I would recommend getting paper weights (flat backs) due to the small head.


      Faith wears 4-5" wigs although on Migi's site its listed as 5-5.5" wigs. Just remember, each company might fit differently on your doll. If you aren't sure about a certain wig, ask in case someone might have that company's wig.

      Places to Buy Wigs:
      **I'm not sure if their SS line be too big or the perfect size. However you can pre-order wig for a better selection and customization. Make sure you leave the size blank, and request that you want a 4-5" wig in the notes. They will do it.

      As you may notice with your doll, its hard to find clothes that fit, or find any clothes at all. 20cm is considered an odd size to some owners. Faith shares the same clothing as Lati Yellow SP and other 20cm currently on the market. If you are a nowner of Cherish slim body, you are in better luck then the rest of us. Slim bodies share the same clothing as Blythe/Pullips minus the pants unless you want to be trippin over long pant legs. Slowly companies are releasing 20cm line, so the future may be rosy for the Faiths.

      Clothing that Fit:
      • Moxie Girlz
      • Barbie **See notes
      • Stacie (from the 90's)
      • Bratz boy clothes
      • Lati Yellow SP
      • Hujoo
      • Dollmore I Doll Line
      • Fairyland's RealFee
      **Avoid pants as they be way too long for the Faith, and tops with darts.

      Places to buy clothes:

      Besides clothes, shoes is another challenge we must face. Finding shoes that isn't to small or big is like finding a needle in the haystack. Again if you have a slim body, you will have a field day with Blythe/Pullip shoes.

      Shoes that fit:
      • Blythe
      • Pullip Micro
      • Lati Yellow SP
      • Hujoo
      • Dollmore - I Doll
      • Jaime-doll - 18cm
      • Luts - Zuzu Delf &TDF (slim),
      **Note** New and Uni bodies can wear some Blythe shoes with an inside size of 3.3cm. You will not be able to wear socks tho.

      Places to buy shoes:

      Places like Ebay or Etsy are great to find clothes or shoes. Always check with the seller if you are not sure of the measurements, especially shoes. Not all places will have the shoes inner size listed. Use the key words Hujoo or Lati Yellow Sp while searching on those sites. Always remember that any shoes over the inner size of 3.7mm will be too big for Faith (Slim body excluded).


      Additional Information



      Make sure you post 1 image per post unless they are comparison pictures. We don't want to anger the MoDs.

      Feel free to make a Faith picture spam page in the Gallery.

      ((Please post any information I missed etc. I will be updating as new information comes in))
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    2. Hey subscribing and waiting for my new girl to arive :)
    3. Those limited vampire heads are so cute. I can't wait for mine to arrive.

      I thought I'd ask here, too, does anyone know how long a body would take to ship?
    4. I assuming 2 weeks. You can alway ask them since they seem very helpful when you ask them million of questions.

      Me too! This is going to be my first tiny. I fear that is not going to be the last order from Cherish. Their MSDs are adorable, and I like to snag up some of their Fatih dolls as well <3 Perhaps get Abbey her twin brother Ricky.
    5. The more I think about it, the more I want to order a body.

      I was looking at the MSDs earlier, too, and they're adorable, I agree. I especially like Favian's eyes.
    6. I was looking at him actually.Chubby looks cute as his older form <3 but for some reason, he looks more girly then the other male sculpts *ponders about female Favian*

      I have a soft spot for Angie and Cole, anyways back on tiny topic. I love Pia's face. I don't know what's about her face makes me want to get her, and of course I can't stop looking at Lani <3
    7. Andy is one of my favorites, there's something about his eyes...

      Lani does have a very sweet look. <3
    8. I see what you mean. His eyes are puppy innocent looking.

      I think I might go with the regular body. Skinny body looks really weird from the knees down. With the normal body, it looks realistically proportioned.
    9. I have an Alley doll that I still call Faith and a Ricky butler doll. They are both adorable but it sure is hard finding clothes for them and I really wish Cherish would re-stock some of their stuff. I ordered a Rick vampire head on the 17th - can't wait for it to get here.

      I think I might go with the regular body. Skinny body looks really weird from the knees down. With the normal body, it looks realistically proportioned.

      I second that SweetMelodies!
    10. I ended up caving and ordering a body, so I won't have him as a floating head for months... :XD:

      I went with the slim body primarily because I'm finding it easier to find clothes that would fit since they can share with Blythe, etc. This is my first time ordering a doll this size and I had no idea tinies (tinys? I'm not good at spelling, lol) were harder to find clothes for...

      It does look a little too small through the lower legs and feet, but it doesn't bother me much. I didn't really notice earlier.

      I wish Cherish would put out or restock more clothes for their Faith line, too... It's always so nice to be able to buy something direct from the company that's a sure fit.
    11. Yup! That is what to did with my two Iple girls. I bought them outfits from Iplehouse since their bodies are very different from all other MSDs. You may find couple MSD items that fit, but basically its a pain to find really nice things to fit them.

      Regular bodies for Fatih shouldn't be to bad since they wear all the things I posted. But yeah, I do agree that Cheris should restock or add new items for Faith. I wanted those white Mary Jane shoes ><
    12. Is there a special celebration right now in Korea? They haven't changed the status on my doll yet and i ordered on the 17th (Korean time) They do say within 2 weeks and well we are past that part and I kinda wonder if they have special off days in Korea too? Like the Chinese have Golden Week... Japan had one earlier in January...

      Or maybe they just sent the doll already and it will suprise me one morning. If come Thursday (Friday their time) I see no status change I'll post on their QnA.

      Weird because they are usually very tight on schedule.

      Ok my bad I checked their site and yes the doll HEAD will take less than 2 weeks but there are no such claims for the body so yeah errr... it means it will be ready when it is ready right?

      Goes back to waiting patiently
    13. I ordered a head on the 18th and it hasn't been marked as shipped yet.

      I ordered a body later, and if the head doesn't ship soon I may ask when it'll be ready, and how long they estimate it'll take for the body. If/when I get a response I'll post.
    14. I am about to order an Andy for my girlfriend's birthday present! This is going to be her first doll and it's very exciting.

      I'm having trouble finding a wig. To be honest I'm super unfamiliar with this size, so I don't know where to look for a 4-5 inch wig. Any suggestions?

      I'm really surprised barbie clothes fit the new body. It doesn't look like they would. Is it only baggier things? I somehow cannot see pants or tailored jackets working out.
    15. Would it be ok if I requested to see some Ricky spam?:sweat
      (I'm sorry if this is not the thread to do this, but I couldn't find one)
    16. well the Cherish site does have quite a lot for that size

      Lati Yellow has the same head size no? I don;t own a Lati yellow so I am not so sure.

      I intend to make my own wig when she arrives :)
    17. ok np once I have her I'll post pictures... I hope you don;t mind if she doesn't have a faceup? Because in the dead of winter spraying MSC in sub zero temps is...not a good idea.
    18. Thanks that would be great!
    19. I'm a little annoyed at Cherish doll... hopefully they will reply tomorrow. But thursday I posted a question on their QnA (it was Friday for them) asking what are the shipping times on their slim bodies... since they said that without make up the head should ship in 2 weeks.

      Well they passed right over my question as well as another person ans replied to a poster that had just that day posted a question. One would think they would answer ther board in the order they receive their questions...

      maybe it's just me... but I am just a little annoyed.
    20. My question got passed over, too, and none of my items have been marked as shipped. It's been a while... though if it's new year's slowness I can understand, but... I just hope that once that's over things will start moving better. :|

      If they're passing over me because they already have my money and the other person hadn't ordered yet, though, that's not good. :( I hope it isn't something like that.